New feature coming to WhatsApp, message will be deleted automatically in 24 hours

Instant messaging app Facebook is constantly bringing new features for its users. Some time ago, WhatsApp had introduced a feature according to which messages sent to WhatsApp are automatically deleted within 7 days. The name of the feature is Disappearing Messages.

WhatsApp had introduced the feature while learning from another messaging app Telegram. WhatsApp has reduced the time limit for losing messages to 7 days from the previous 7 days.

According to the news, WhatsApp is soon adding a 24-hour option to the Disappearing Messages feature. After that, the messages sent and received by the WhatsApp users who choose this option will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.

According to WeBetaInfo, the Disapperaing Messages feature has been added to the new version of WhatsApp. The feature is currently being tested in the iOS version of the app. In which WhatsApp message disappears by itself in 24 hours.

It is said that the previous 7-day feature will be maintained along with the 24-hour feature. That is, the user will be able to choose the feature of deleting the message automatically in one day or 7 days. In that process, users will be able to take a screenshot of the deleted message and save it.

The seven-day feature applies to both personal chats and group chats, but it is unclear whether the one-day feature will apply to group chats.

WhatsApp has been testing the iOS platform for a month and the feature will be available on every platform including Android in the near future.

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