How far has China's own space station been built?

China has announced in June that it will send three of its astronauts to a Chinese space station under construction for a three-month stay. The announcement comes a day after a cargo spacecraft was successfully launched and attached to the space station.

According to the Chinese Manned Space Agency, the Tianhe module, which is the main module of the Chinese space station, is currently building rooms for astronauts. Yang Liwei, director of a department affiliated with China's space manned mission and the first astronaut, spoke about China's upcoming big mission.

Yang, who became the first Chinese to go into space on October 15, 2003, is preparing for the departure of three astronauts from the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft this month. According to a report in China's official newspaper Global Times, the astronauts will stay on the space station for three months, during which time the station will perform maintenance as well as perform various scientific experiments.

The passengers are currently in Levies to Quarantine and are finalizing work related to the space mission. According to Yang, the expedition will include all male passengers, but will also include women in future missions.

China's space station

China plans to launch 11 spacecraft between 2021 and 2022 to build its space station. Under which two campaigns have been completed. Last Saturday, China sent a Tianzhou to Cargo Yan.

According to the Chinese space agency, the mission, which started at 11 a.m., will launch three modules of the station, four cargoes and four spacecraft. China plans to launch 10 more such modules by 2022, orbiting the Earth.

In the first phase, China launched a key module of the station on April 29. The Tianhe module is becoming a living room for astronauts working on the space station.

According to Yang Liwei, the astronauts living in those rooms will go out and do various things.

"Getting astronauts out of these rooms in the coming days will be a regular task and it will also significantly increase the duration of astronauts' work," he said.

The Chinese space station, which is being built, is considered a competitor to the existing and outdated multinational space station. China believes the new space station, which orbits the Earth at an altitude of 340 to 450 kilometers above the Earth, will be completed by 2022 next year.

There is currently only one space station in Earth's orbit. Its name is the International Space Station, which does not include China.

China is becoming an important power in space

China, a major power in space science, launched the Mars mission last year. A Chinese rover is currently gathering information about Mars.

However, in the field of space science, China had a very slow start. China first sent its astronaut into Earth orbit in 2003. China became the third country to send astronauts after the Soviet Union and the United States.

So far, China has sent two space centers, Tiangong 1 and Tiangong 2, into Earth orbit. Of course, they were both trial stations and could only stay in Earth orbit for a short time. The new space station, Tianhe, is said to have been in Earth orbit for at least 10 years.

The current International Space Station in Earth orbit will cease to operate from 2024. So at that time, the Chinese space station Tianhe was probably orbiting the earth as the only space station.

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