Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: It is close to resuming the Iran nuclear agreement but there are still problems to be resolved

According to Reuters, Local 17, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Elagexi said it ever closer to recovery than in the past Iranian nuclear deal, but there are still some key issues to be negotiated settlement.
  According to reports, Araghi said: “I think we are closer to resuming an agreement than ever before, but there are still some key issues to be resolved through negotiations.” He said that the Vienna-Iran nuclear agreement negotiations have achieved various issues. Excellent and tangible progress.
  Araghi said: “Iran wants to be assured that the US president will not act like Trump in the future and will not withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement.”

 In addition, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the International Organization in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, said that progress has been made in the past few days, but the talks have been difficult. “Some difficult and time-consuming topics have not yet been resolved.”
  In July 2015, Iran reached an Iran nuclear agreement with the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany. According to the agreement, Iran promised to restrict its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions against Iran by the international community. In May 2018, the US government unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, and subsequently restarted and added a series of sanctions against Iran.
  Since May 2019, Iran has gradually suspended the implementation of certain provisions of the Iran nuclear agreement, but promised that the measures taken are "reversible." In order to discuss the issue of resuming the implementation of the agreement between the United States and Iran, the parties involved in the Iranian nuclear agreement began holding multiple rounds of talks in Vienna in early April this year.

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