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At the Build 2021 conference, Nadella proudly predicted that the upcoming "next generation of Windows" will be the most significant update of the Windows system in a decade. Subsequently, Microsoft decided to hold a special press conference on June 24, focusing on this new Windows version.

From the current stolen image, it can be basically confirmed that the new system will be called Windows 11, and major adjustments will be made to the start menu, taskbar and other UI parts, bringing a brand new experience to users.

Developers will be able to use their own "business engine" in the Store, and Microsoft will achieve zero reduction. If developers want, they can also use their own payment system. When we saw Adobe Creative Cloud also appearing in the Microsoft Store, we knew that Microsoft was no joke this time around.

After talking about the game, let's talk about the application again. Panay said: "We have rebuilt the Microsoft Store from the ground up." We have seen a large number of application icons, and Microsoft obviously hopes that the majority of users can easily find what they need. Whether it is a progressive web application (PWA), a traditional Win32 application, or a unified Windows application (UWP), you can find it here.

he last and most important point: Xbox games can be implanted into Windows 11 through the Xbox app. In addition, xCloud will be integrated into cloud games. Users can purchase games directly in the Xbox app. It looks like this new Xbox application will be more deeply integrated into Windows 11. Microsoft has been testing this application for several months.

At present, Microsoft already has a number of studios, and a large number of third-party developers have the full support. Bond also talked about how Windows is perfectly compatible with so many gamepads and related peripheral accessories . Video time: There are more than 100 games, automatic HDR, car Directstorage, xCloud, etc. in Game Pass.

One of the heroes is Auto-HDR. Similar to Xbox, it will automatically set the game to HDR mode. Judging from the demo screen of the game "Skyrim", the effect is quite amazing. For players who are accustomed to enabling specific OEM color profiles for different games, it is not clear what kind of reconciliation options the system will provide. The graphics of over 1,000 games will be automatically enhanced. Then there is the direct storage API, which means that the game can be loaded directly on the graphics card, which will greatly increase the speed. Although the list of supported games is not long, I believe that future 3A masterpieces will continue to provide support.

Next, Panay invited Sarah Bond to talk about the improvements in the gaming experience. The entertainment section of the Microsoft Store has now integrated multiple streaming media services. Bond claims that hundreds of millions of people around the world play games on Windows. Of course, this is inseparable from the excellent graphics experience provided by the Windows platform.

The user can call out the small tool window by sliding in from the left side of the screen, and the window can also be full screen. The widget has many thoughtful improvements for tablet mode and other touch screen modes. You can also rearrange and adjust the size of gadgets. The user can directly "prompt" the content creator in the gadget.

For stylus users, Windows 11 also introduces a tactile experience. With the touch-screen keyboard with new themes, smartphone users will not be unfamiliar with it. In addition, the floating keyboard is particularly suitable for use with a stylus.

Next, let's talk about Windows in tablet mode. In fact, from the taskbar icon placed in the center, we have already guessed that Windows 11 will greatly improve and optimize the tablet mode. Now, when the keyboard is separated, the layout will not completely change, but a larger touch target has been added, making it easier to resize and move windows. In vertical mode, the side-by-side layout will switch to vertical stacking. It can be said that this is a continuous experience with subtle differences.

In the demo video, Microsoft also generously showed the products of many friends. As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to become accustomed to working from home or teaching online, manufacturers are also actively embracing many changes in product design.

Panay returned to the screen and said that Teams will be integrated directly into Windows. Microsoft Teams has also achieved tighter integration with Windows. The Teams icon on the taskbar will pop up the chat list, which makes the connection faster. Demonstration video time. A chat list pops up on the screen, then a chat window, and then a video call. Obviously, what everyone sees is a lot of chats and video calls.

Next, the Edge browser is introduced. Users only need to click a button to switch the tabs to display vertically or horizontally, and to specify different wallpapers for multiple desktops. Obviously, Microsoft hopes that the new version of the system can give people a feeling of "simplifying the complex."

A new multitasking layout was introduced in Windows 11: Snap Layouts. If you need to deal with something that is not in the tiled layout, you can save it in the Snap Group. Interestingly, custom layouts now support proper tiling, and it seems that there are many different options. You can make multiple desktops with your own customized wallpapers. When the monitor is disconnected, the window will be resized synchronously. After reconnecting the monitor, it will be restored to the previous state.

Panay claims that everything has become faster, including other browsers from Edge. The Windows update is 40% smaller. We see new icon styles, finer transparency, new themes, improved light and dark themes, and rounded corners of windows everywhere. The start menu looks different from the leaked version, it also contains a search bar, just like we saw in Windows 10X. The search bar can be used to search PC, OneDrive and the web. Improved background update experience (Is this still in line with Google Chrome?)

Microsoft is playing a short video about Windows 11, which briefly introduces the interface we saw in a leaked version not long ago. Interestingly, we did not see the competitor Google Chrome in the flashing store icon. Panpy mentioned the "cloud-driven" start menu, which may mean that it better integrates the OneDrive access experience. For users who have a large number of cloud documents, this feature may be very useful. But for light users, we still hope it can be disabled on demand.

Windows 11 will usher in a centered start menu, new themes, and a new way of tiling tile windows. The video also scanned Direct x 12 Ultimate, Xbox and other game labels. A new version of the Windows Store app store that is said to provide developers with better monetization support

As previously revealed, the name of Windows 11 has been set.

Panos Panay was the first to play. "I'm so excited," he said. Panay is very good at making people feel that technology is connected with emotion. He said that Windows makes people feel at home. Panay said when talking about how PCs can help people through the epidemic: “It should make people feel safe and open...connected to each other.”

In addition to Windows 11, Microsoft will also discuss the Microsoft Store today, and some of its announcements about opening it up. Microsoft's Frank Shaw confirmed that the beta version of Windows 11 will not be released today. "Early next week, we will start to roll out the first version to Windows Insiders." Now that the sound of Windows has begun to be heard, it is estimated that today everyone will start with the new Windows 11 startup sound. Earlier, a curious netizen took out a protractor to measure the pattern angle of Window’s new Logo, which was a coincidence of 11°.

Compared with Windows 8, the start menu of Windows 11 is a huge change. Among them, the live tiles have been completely deleted, replaced by simple icons and a list of "recommended" files that look like an algorithm-driven. In many ways, it is more like a launcher than a classic start menu.

There are still 10 minutes to the start of this conference

The list of speakers at today’s Windows conference includes CEO Satya Nadella, Chief Product Officer Panos Panay, Xbox Global Co-Vice President Sarah Bond, Product Marketing Director Phillip McClure, and Windows User Experience Partner Director Carmen Zlateff. It is estimated that this conference will last about 45 minutes.

Nadella said in his keynote speech: "Soon, we will share one of the most significant updates to Windows in the past ten years, releasing greater economic opportunities for developers and creators. I am very excited about this. We are very excited about your The promise is: today we will create more opportunities for every Windows developer, and welcome every creator who is looking for the most innovative, up-to-date and open platform to build, distribute and monetize applications."

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