The authentic copy of Mona Lisa sold in France for 2.9 million euros

Haiwai reported on June 19 that on the 18th local time, a copy of the world-famous painting "Mona Lisa" was sold in Paris. The transaction price was 2.9 million euros (approximately RMB 22 million). A new record for the auction price of "Mona Lisa" copy.

According to a Reuters report on the 19th, Christie Auctions was responsible for the auction of the painting. A spokesperson for the bank said that a total of 14 buyers participated in the auction. The auction price rose from 500,000 euros to 2.4 million euros, and finally sold for 2.9 million euros. The spokesperson also said that the transaction price was very staggering, setting a new auction record for a copy of "Mona Lisa".

This work is named "Herkin's Mona Lisa" and its former owner is named Raymond Hekin. A painter who loved Leonardo’s work may have painted this facsimile in the early 17th century. Hekin bought this painting in Nice, France in the 1950s, insisting that it is the original painting, but the collection in the Louvre Museum in France is a counterfeit. A spokesperson for Christie Auctions said, "This idea is crazy, this is just a copy."

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