The UK may relax travel restrictions for citizens of their country who have completed the new crown vaccination

British media reported on the 16th that the British government intends to relax travel restrictions on nationals who have completed the new crown vaccination.

  According to the British "Daily Telegraph", according to the government's new plan, British citizens who have completed the new crown vaccination will be exempted from quarantine after returning from the countries and regions listed in the "amber" list, but still need to be tested for the virus.

  In order to facilitate the travel of British people between the United Kingdom and the low-risk areas of the new crown epidemic in the world, the British government has implemented a "traffic light system": citizens of the country are exempted from quarantine after entering the United Kingdom from countries and regions designated as "green", but they still need to travel before travel. After arriving in the UK, you must be tested for the new crown virus; after entering the UK from an "amber" country and region, you must self-isolate at home or a hotel and undergo a virus test; after entering the "red" country and region, you must be quarantined in a designated hotel and accept the virus Detection.

         Countries listed as "amber" include Spain, France, Italy, and the United States.

  The “Daily Telegraph” said that government officials are still studying whether the new measures are limited to their citizens, or to relax them to all entrants, as well as what exemptions are available for those who cannot be vaccinated, and whether children under 18 should be exempted, etc. . British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who advocates strengthening border restrictions, has stated that he is "open" to relaxing travel restrictions.

  The United Kingdom has gradually resumed international travel since last month, but currently only more than a dozen countries and regions are included in the "green" list of exempt holiday destinations, including Iceland, Israel, New Zealand and Australia.

  According to data released by the British government on the 16th, there were 9,055 new confirmed cases of new crown that day, the highest single-day record since the end of February this year, with a total of 4,589,814 confirmed cases; currently more than 42 million people have received the first dose of new crown vaccine, and more than 30 million people have completed two Vaccination.

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