UK to donate 100 million doses a year for poor countries

 The UK will provide 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to the world's poorest countries within a year.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in February that he would give more corona vaccines to poor countries. The announcement made on Thursday revealed some details about how to vaccinate.

The UK will start vaccinating in a few weeks. 5 million doses of vaccine will be given to different countries by next September. 

The remaining 95 million doses will be distributed within 12 months. The goal is to provide 25 million doses by the end of 2021.

Of the vaccines provided by the UK, 80 per cent will be given through Covax and the remaining 20 per cent will be sent directly to countries selected by the UK.

The UK believes that giving 5 million doses to poor countries in a few weeks will not affect its vaccination program.

\Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Johnson expects the G7 countries to decide to vaccinate 1 billion doses of corona a year worldwide during the G7 summit starting today.

After meeting with US President Joe Biden on Thursday, Prime Minister Johnson said he expected an agreement on a 1-billion-dose vaccine during a three-day conference. The G7 includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Before President Biden's departure for the United Kingdom, the United States announced plans to buy 500 million doses from Pfizer to be distributed to the rest of the world by next year.

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