Xiaomi announces record fast charging technology

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is unveiling its new Hypercharge fast charging technology on Monday.

Xiaomi, which has set a record for the fastest wireless charging technology, is also set to set a new record for wire charging technology using HyperCharge technology.

Xiaomi is one of the few smartphone companies to offer more than 120 watts of fast charging technology in smartphones. Xiaomi's most expensive Mi 11 Ultra smartphone has a total of 144 watts of charging with 67 watts of wired charging, 67 watts of wireless charging and 10 watts of reverse wireless charging. Therefore, the HyperCharge fast charging technology to be announced today is estimated to have around 200 watts of fast charging.

Xiaomi has mentioned that its hyper charge technology will set a new record through social media including Twitter. This technology is said to fully charge the smartphone in just half an hour.

Xiaomi's technology is likely to have a profound effect on the smartphone industry, and other companies will be forced to bring the best fast charging technology to their smartphones.

A report released a few months ago stated that 200 watts of fast charging technology would be launched later this year. The technology is said to support all three charging methods, wireless, wired and reverse wireless.

Last year, Xiaomi announced 80-watt wireless charging technology, which is not yet supported by any device. However, the company has already started selling 80 watt wireless chargers.


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