Analysis of the match between Italy vs England in the 2021 European Cup

I believe the fans and friends are looking forward to the upcoming final of the European Cup. England and Italy also have a lot of battle records in history. 

England vs Italy in the Euro 2020 Final is scheduled for an 8pm BST kick-off on Sunday, July 11, 2021.

Italy vs England Battle Record

In recent years, there have been relatively few matches against England in Italian. The most recent one has to look back to the 18-year friendly match. The record of the matches in the big match is the World Cup and the European Cup in 12 years. At that time, the World Cup group stage also defeated England. In the European Cup, England was eliminated with a penalty kick.

Analysis of the match between Italy vs England in the 2021 European Cup

Italy still has a little advantage in terms of match records, but due to its age, it is not of great reference value. From a short-term perspective, both Italy and England have a chance to win the championship. The biggest problem for Italy at present is the position of left-back. The injury caused the team's offense to be blocked, and the central defense was exposed in the semifinals. Jorginho needs to adjust his state in time.

On the other hand, England seems to have no shortcomings, but in the semifinals, the offense actually stagnated. Sterling has repeatedly taken good opportunities. If it were not for the controversial penalty, I don’t know what will happen. Of course, Kane wants to penetrate Italy. The goal needs to face Italy's Xuan Ming and Donnarumma's ten fingers, which is still relatively difficult.

So the two teams must be making a difference on defense and offense. Whether the traditional Italian offense is strong or the English youth storm has the upper hand, we still have to wait and see.

England vs Italy: Head to Head Record

England vs Italy - Games won:8
England vs Italy - Games drawn:8
England vs Italy - Games lost:11
Games lost:

Head to head (h2h) history and record in dettail

13 May 1933Italy v EnglandD1-1International Friendly
14 Nov 1934England v ItalyW3-2International Friendly
13 May 1939Italy v EnglandD2-2International Friendly
16 May 1948Italy v EnglandW0-4International Friendly
30 Nov 1949England v ItalyW2-0International Friendly
18 May 1952Italy v EnglandD1-1International Friendly
06 May 1959England v ItalyD2-2International Friendly
24 May 1961Italy v EnglandW2-3International Friendly
14 Jun 1973Italy v EnglandL2-0International Friendly
14 Nov 1973England v ItalyL0-1International Friendly
28 May 1976England v ItalyW3-2Bi-Centenary
17 Nov 1976Italy v EnglandL2-0FIFA World Cup
16 Nov 1977England v ItalyW2-0FIFA World Cup
15 Jun 1980Italy v EnglandL1-0UEFA European Championship
06 Jun 1985Italy v EnglandL2-1City Tournament
15 Nov 1989England v ItalyD0-0International Friendly
07 Jul 1990Italy v EnglandL2-1FIFA World Cup
12 Feb 1997England v ItalyL0-1FIFA World Cup
04 Jun 1997Italy v EnglandW0-2Tournoi de France
11 Oct 1997Italy v EnglandD0-0FIFA World Cup
15 Nov 2000Italy v EnglandL1-0International Friendly
27 Mar 2002England v ItalyL1-2International Friendly
24 Jun 2012England v ItalyL0-0UEFA European Championship
15 Aug 2012England v ItalyW2-1International Friendly
14 Jun 2014England v ItalyL1-2FIFA World Cup
31 Mar 2015Italy v EnglandD1-1International Friendly
27 Mar 2018England v ItalyD1-1International Friendly

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