BTS & Brave Girls declared war on the evil speaker!

As malicious messages on the Internet have intensified the mental harm to celebrities and the damage to their reputations, many celebrities’ brokerage companies have adopted increasingly tough responses to these malicious behaviors. Recently, the BTS and Brave Grils companies announced to malicious messagers that they would not be leniency and would deal with it hard.

The group BTS and Brave Girls suggested a 'hard response without mercy' to malicious commenters.

BTS and Brave Girls said to malicious messagers: "They will not be treated with leniency, and will be dealt with hard."
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On the 29th, Big Hit Music, the agency of BTS , officially announced a strong response to BTS' malicious commenters through their official SNS .
On the 29th, Big Hit Music, a company affiliated to BTS, officially announced its tough response to the bad reviews related to BTS through official SNS.

Big Hit Music said, "It goes beyond the simple expression of opinions in communities, blogs, and SNS, etc., and is charged with defamation against those who continuously write or distribute malicious comments and posts that are socially unacceptable. Article 70 of the Act) and insults (Article 311 of the Criminal Act), etc.
Big Hit Musice’s announcement stated: “For people who continue to produce or distribute malicious messages and posts that are intolerable to the society on platforms such as communities, blogs, SNS, and other platforms that go beyond mere expression of opinions, they are suspected of being suspected of defamation (information and communication network use promotion). Prosecution measures have been completed, such as Article 70 of the relevant laws on information protection and insults (Article 311 of the Criminal Law)."

The agency said, "Among the previous complaints, the prosecution was stopped the following year due to the unknown location of the suspect after receiving the first complaint, but about a year later, the location of the suspect was revealed again and a request for supplementary investigation was decided." We have filed a civil claim for damages,” he said.
The brokerage company said: “In existing prosecution cases, after the initial acceptance of the indictment, the prosecution was stopped the following year because the suspect’s whereabouts were unknown. However, after about a year after the suspect’s whereabouts were identified again, the decision was made to Cases where it conducted supplementary investigations and processing."

He continued, " Even if it takes some time , we will hold the creators of malicious posts legally responsible until the end. We will continue to take strict measures to ensure that malicious actors receive strong legal punishment. There is no,” he added

Then, he added: "Even if it takes some time like this, the company will pursue the legal responsibility of malicious posters." "In the future, we will also take severe measures to subject malicious actors to severe legal penalties, as in the past. , Under no circumstances will an agreement or leniency be reached."

Big Hit's position is interpreted as a commitment to find out malicious commenters until the end, to proceed with criminal as well as civil litigation, and deal with the matter more seriously. This is an active attitude of the agency to protect the honor and rights of its artists.
Some analysts pointed out that Big Hit’s position means that it will thoroughly investigate malicious messagers, not only conduct criminal proceedings, but also conduct civil proceedings, and deal with these matters more seriously. This is a positive attitude adopted in order to protect the reputation and rights of their artists.

The BTS agency is continuing to take strong legal action against malicious commenters related to the 7 members of BTS.

The company affiliated with the BTS continues to take tough legal measures against malicious messages from the 7 members of the BTS.
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The Brave Girls also drew their swords. It seems to be a response to the recent member Yuna's unintentional 'male hatred' controversy.

"Brave Girls" also shines. This is probably a response to the recent incident that member Yu Na was inadvertently involved in the "male suspect" controversy.

Brave Entertainment said in a fan cafe on the 28th, "We have identified a number of malicious posts that damage the artist's reputation, such as malicious slander against our artists, dissemination of unfounded false facts, and personal attacks." Based on this, we have completed the first evidence collection and plan to take legal action to protect the artist."

Brave Entertainment stated in a fan club on the 28th: ​​“It has confirmed most of the malicious slanders against the artists to which they belong, spreading baseless false facts, personal attacks and other vicious posts that damage the reputation of the artists”, “based on internal monitoring and reporting by the company. Basically, the first wave of evidence collection has been completed. In order to protect artists, legal measures will be taken to deal with it."

The agency emphasized, "We will continue to take legal action on a regular basis based on continuous monitoring and reporting of malicious acts such as malicious slander, dissemination of false information, and personal attacks against our artists ."
The affiliated company emphasizes: "The company will continue to monitor and accept reports of malicious slander, spread false facts, personal attacks and other malicious acts against its artists, and make regular legal responses on this basis."

Yuna was broadcast on Naver NOW on the 25th. I used the word 'five trillions' in 'Pecance', but some netizens pointed out that the similar word 'five trillions and fives' was used as an expression of hatred of men. As malicious comments related to this continued, Brave Entertainment took a position to protect Yuna.

Yuna used the term "Five trillion" in NAVER NOW's "ppeukangseu" broadcast on the 25th. A similar term of "Five trillion Five trillion" was regarded by some netizens as an expression of aversion to men. After the negative comments related to this continued to appear, Brave Entertainment began to protect Yuna through related positions.

In addition, several agencies are actively responding to and taking measures against malicious commenters. Compared to the past, when people reacted somewhat lukewarmly to malicious comments in consideration of public sentiment, their attitude is changing in a tough and serious direction.
In addition, many brokerage companies have recently actively responded to malicious messagers. Compared with the past, taking into account the public sentiment and adopting a lukewarm attitude towards malicious messages, the attitude of the brokerage company is changing in a tough and severe direction.

A related person in the music industry said: "With the development of the Internet, artists suffer more losses due to malicious messages than before." The spirit of the artists has caused great harm, so the affiliated company needs to work hard to actively respond and prevent (recurrence)."

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