BTS reveals "Permission to Dance"

"Permission to Dance" is a lively and cheerful dance pop song. The toxic melody plus the refreshing piano performance and string sound naturally make people move their shoulders. BTS uses the lyrics "We don't need permission to dance" to encourage all those who have had a difficult day, "Dance follows your heart, and you can dance as much as you want without permission."

It is worth mentioning that the "Permission to Dance" MV fully demonstrated the charm and resonance of the song. If the previous "Butter" MV emphasized the colorful charm of BTS with the contrast of colors in different scenes and dynamic performances, then this time "Permission to Dance" MV is free and unrestrained, and at the same time, through the picture that everyone merges together, Released a full of happiness.

BTS reveals "Permission to Dance"

The day everyone danced freely together! Purple balloon with "hope"

The MV of "Permission to Dance" starts someday in the future. The BTS will fly purple balloons with "hope" into the sky. People who find balloons in their daily lives can dance freely without restriction and enjoy the moment.

The BTS shuttled between indoor and outdoor spaces, dancing happily, and the images blended, making people smile. The clear sky, the bright smiles of the seven members, and the choreographed choreographies that show a sense of intimacy are full of highlights. In addition, the "Permission to Dance" MV is produced in 4K, and the colorful and free-spirited atmosphere is even more confusing. Let's dance happily!

"Special performance" using international sign language

"Special" choreography appeared in the "Permission to Dance" MV. The performance using international sign language is connected with actions that mean "happiness", "dancing" and "peace". The action of extending the thumb and bending the rest of the fingers towards the body means "happiness". Using one palm as the stage, the action of moving the two fingers of the other hand left and right means "dancing". Finally, the V movement with both hands is a symbol of "peace".

In the second half of the "Permission to Dance" MV, in the scene where seven members dance with the crowd, a special performance with positive messages, so that everyone can easily imitate the action, reached the culmination. From dancing together with bright expressions to full of vitality, it also conveys warm touch.

In addition, the BTS started at 9:30 that night, NAVER NOW. released the stage of the new song "Permission to Dance" through the HYBE Labels YouTube channel. On the 14th and 15th of this month, they will appear on the popular NBC TV talk show "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon".

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