The 25 most annoying Hollywood stars of 2021

(Comprehensive News) The "National Enquirer", which specializes in celebrity gossip, recently published the list of this year's "25 most annoying Hollywood celebrities", and surprised many popular superstars.

Ellen DeGeneres, who has repeatedly won the most popular and favorite host, was revealed last year as a "double-faced person" off the screen. Not only was he unfriendly to employees, but he only made friends with popular superstars. This year, "not surprising "I was voted on the list.

The supermodel Chrissy Teigen, who unfortunately had a miscarriage, was originally a pity, but shortly afterwards, she was revealed that she was involved in workplace bullying and her behavior was deplorable. No amount of sympathy votes could "save" her.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who were once a model couple in Hollywood, fell out due to divorce and child custody lawsuits, but the image of the man seems to be completely unaffected, but the woman was dubbed the title of "witch", referring to her unwillingness to let her ex-husband act. Disgusting.

Kanye West, who has always been out of order, has recently divorced with Kim Kardashian, which once again caused a big loss of image and was voted on the list. Taylor Swift, who had had a festival with him, has a large number of fans all over the world, but her daring to speak up also attracted a lot of backlash, and she unexpectedly made the list this year.

The once smashing king Mel Gibson has fallen to the bottom of his popularity and image since he was arrested while driving under the influence, scolded criminals and irritated the Jewish people who dominated the entertainment industry. Although he has not caused any trouble in recent years, reports indicate that he is still very "Black" still makes many insiders unbearable.

Other stars on the list include Johnny Depp, who was stigmatized by his ex-wife as a “domestic man”, Sean Penn, who was accused of assaulting his ex-wife Madonna, and a daughter who sold controversial products such as candles that smelled like my privates. 

Source: entlife/8world

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