The deepest customization in OPPO history, OPPO Conan custom machine is officially released

OPPO Detective Conan’s limited series of products were officially released, including mobile phones, OPPO Watch 2, OPPO bracelets, OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise-cancelling headphones, OPPO VOOC flash charging power bank 2. Among them, the mobile phone is deeply customized based on OPPO Reno6 Pro+, and integrates the third-generation electrochromic technology on the back cover. At the same time, there are "hand-made" packaging boxes, customized mobile phone cases, cable winders and other accessories, which once again show the OPPO "details" Customized skills like "Mad Demon".
OPPO Detective Conan Limited Edition series products
OPPO Detective Conan Limited Edition series products

OPPO also extended Conan's sense of suspense to the press conference, using hidden "time bombs" and Xinlan's emotional stories to pay tribute to Conan's "famous scenes", bringing fans a unique press conference.

From the packaging box to a full set of accessories, a deeply customized product with full details

1. Packing box

OPPO Reno6 Pro+ Detective Conan Limited Edition realizes the "hand-made customization" of the box and the fine polishing of accessories, making the opening process full of ritual. The design team reviewed the plots of more than 1,000 episodes and created the "Maori Detective Agency" packaging box to highly restore the animation scenes, down to the ratio of windows and trees. The classic line "There is always only one truth" on the top cover guides users into the path of mystery. From the second floor to the fourth floor, the limited edition mobile phones and accessories are presented in sequence, making the process of unpacking a case like investigating a case. The packaging box can also be placed on the table as a figure, which has both collection value and practical value.

2. Customized mobile phone

· Excellent performance, good-looking flagship mobile phone that can be played

OPPO Reno6 Pro+ Detective Conan limited edition mobile phone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon? 870 5G mobile platform, supports stepless frame stabilization, lightning start, and full-size liquid cooling heat dissipation, making the game experience more enjoyable. At the same time, it supports AI Huancai beauty and light spot portrait video functions to easily shoot videos with a sense of protagonist and atmosphere.

·The third generation of electrochromic technology, with technology to boost romance

OPPO uses a new electrochromic process on the back cover of the customized machine, presenting the profile of "Xinlan CP". And through process upgrades, OPPO mass-produced red electrochromic technology for the first time, accelerated the speed of the discoloration reaction, optimized the discoloration performance of the low-temperature environment, and enabled the mobile phone back cover to switch freely between silver and red.

At the same time, the interactive forms of electrochromic are also richer. Users can use the system settings, tap the back shell, or even say Conan's classic line "There is always only one truth" to the Xiaobu voice assistant to trigger the color change. The “dongdong teaser” function based on electrochromic technology, accompanied by pieces of cherry blossoms falling on the screen and Japanese “want to see you”, let the mobile phone convey love and thoughts.

· Immersive software experience, daily use is like chasing fans

OPPO Reno6 Pro + Detective Conan Limited Edition also has a deeply customized "immersive" software experience. The boot guide uses the classic Conan gate transition element to lead the user into the puzzle-solving interface, and enter the correct secret order to enter the system. Xinlan CP style and blue detective style are two global customized themes, with dozens of customized redrawn icons, allowing users to fully experience the collision of three-dimensional technology and two-dimensional space.

3. Accessories

In terms of accessories, the OPPO design team deeply restored many classic elements in the Conan plot, such as Xiaolan's red mobile phone that frequently appeared in the original work, and OPPO produced a mobile phone case with a red brick wall as a shading. In addition, there are also Sea Cucumber male customized mobile phone pendants given to Xiaolan by Shinichi during the trip to Mihua Aquarium, headphone winder with bow-tie voice changer element, Conan red and blue customized charging set, Xinlan silhouette customized headphones, inspiration Customized card pins and other accessories from the Youth Detective Corps badge are customized to every detail.

A variety of Detective Conan limited edition IoT new products unveiled

OPPO Watch 2 Detective Conan Limited Edition is deeply customized based on the newly released OPPO Watch 2 (42mm). The wristband, bottom case, and charging base are all silk-screened, incorporating elements such as the wheel of fortune, tracking glasses, APTX-4869 capsules and the sleeping Mori Kogoro. At the same time, it is also equipped with a Conan theme storage bag, which is exquisite and practical. In terms of software, 20 Conan themed dials, customized flash charging animation, customized reminder function UI interface, etc., fully demonstrate the vitality and design sense of the second dimension. OPPO Watch 2 series pioneered the UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology, which supports full smart mode and light smart mode. In full smart mode, Android and RTOS can be seamlessly switched according to the scene, without the need to charge once a day, and bid farewell to battery anxiety. As the "all smart watch flagship", the OPPO Watch 2 series supports independent eSIM communication, more than 50 panoramic App adaptations, and professional health and exercise monitoring functions.

The OPPO bracelet name Detective Conan limited edition is based on Ai Yuanai and APTX-4869 capsule. The bracelet and wristband presents mysteriously transformed chemical element molecules with silk-screen printing process, which perfectly fits the unique mystery of Huiyuanai. The buckle of the wristband is designed with red and white contrasting colors. There is also an APTX-4869 capsule-shaped storage bag. In terms of software, the OPPO bracelet Detective Conan Limited Edition has specially customized 5 themed dials. OPPO bracelet supports continuous blood oxygen monitoring, and also supports WeChat and Alipay scan code dual payment.

OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise-cancelling headphones Detective Conan Limited Edition is deeply customized based on the elements of Kai Pi Kidd. The packaging box is semi-transparent and equipped with a storage bag printed with the word "CONAN" and the head of Kidd. The charging box also has Kidd's head silkscreen, and the side adopts the temperature-sensitive ink color change process, and the diamond pattern can appear when heated by the temperature of the finger, which perfectly matches the plot of Kidd stealing gems. Every detail of the headset body has also been deeply customized. In terms of software, the pairing pop-up window will have Kidd’s iconic playing cards flying out of the animation, and Kidd’s voice prompts will be displayed when pairing is connected and when the battery is low. OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise reduction headphones have personalized noise reduction technology, with a three-core noise reduction chip, the noise reduction depth can reach 42dB, as well as personalized hearing, Dynaudio joint tuning, three-microphone call noise reduction, etc. Called the "Next Generation Noise Reduction TWS".

OPPO VOOC flash charging mobile power bank 2 Detective Conan Limited Edition is also customized with the character elements of Kaito Kidd, using the classic blue and white design and card elements, and the Q version of Kaito Kidd's head is printed on the storage bag. OPPO VOOC flash charging mobile power bank 2 has a sufficient power of 10000mAh, supports simultaneous charging of dual devices, and has a maximum of 30W two-way flash charging, which is efficient, portable and flexible.

Price and time to market

The full range of OPPO Detective Conan limited edition products is now open for reservation. OPPO Reno6 Pro + Detective Conan Limited Edition is limited to 10,000 units, priced at 4499 yuan. The OPPO bracelet Detective Conan Limited Edition is limited to 20,000 units, priced at 299 yuan. OPPO Enco Free2 True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Detective Conan Limited Edition is limited to 10,000 units, priced at 599 yuan. OPPO VOOC Flash Charger Power Bank 2 Detective Conan Limited Edition is limited to 10,000 units, priced at 249 yuan. The above products will be sold in limited quantities on OPPO's official mall-Huantai Mall,, Tmall and other channels from July 30th.

OPPO Watch 2 Detective Conan limited edition smart watches are limited to 5,000 units, priced at 1,699 yuan, and will be available on OPPO official mall-Huantai Mall,, Tmall and OPPO official authorized stores from August 16th. , You can also enjoy a discount of 100 yuan on the day of the first sale.

In addition, at the 2021 ChinaJoy OPPO booth (E4-03), and more than 40 OPPO famous detective Conan theme stores, you can also experience and purchase Conan customized products first.

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