The Iranian National Railway was attacked by a cyber attack, and the large screens of various stations spread false delay information

Iran’s National Railway suffered a cyber attack. The attackers posted false information about the delays or cancellations of trains on the screens of stations across the country. In recent years, Iran has experienced multiple incidents of network infrastructure destruction, highlighting the cyberspace's confrontation with Shimonoseki. Weakness of infrastructure facilities to resist risks.

According to Iran’s domestic Fars News Agency, Iran’s railway system was hit by a cyber attack on July 9 local time. The attackers published false information about train delays or cancellations on the display screens of stations across the country .

The notification message on the display mentioned that the train was “long delay due to cyberattacks” or “cancelled” and urged passengers to call for more detailed information . And what is left here is precisely the landline number of the office of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei .

Cyber ​​attacks have led to an "unprecedented chaos" in Iranian railway stations. However, the Fars News Agency said that the attack did not cause a disruption in capacity and hopes to minimize the impact of the incident.

ABC News reported that “Fars later deleted the report and instead quoted the National Railway Company spokesperson Thad Sakri’s explanation that the “interruption” did not have any impact on train transportation services . "

As of the publication of this article, it is still unclear who is behind the attack, and no group has claimed responsibility for the incident.

But the current troubles of the Iranian railway system don't stop there. Earlier in the same day, trains across Iran suddenly broke out of electronic tracking system failure . It is unclear whether the two are related.

On July 10, local time, Iran’s National Television reported that the internal computer system of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of Iran was attacked on the 10th, causing the Ministry’s website and other websites to suspend service . The report did not say whether the suspect and the hacker demanded a ransom.

Iran’s critical infrastructure has been plagued by disasters in recent years, and hacker groups from various nations have launched attacks on it many times.

In October 2020, Iranian cybersecurity authorities revealed that two government departments were affected by cyberattacks.

In December 2019, the Minister of Telecommunications of Iran announced twice within a week that it had thwarted cyber attacks on domestic infrastructure.

Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohamed Jahami confirmed that the attacks had been offset by the national network blocking mechanism, adding that this round of attacks came from the APT27 group and was intended to collect national intelligence on Iran.

In October 2019, Western countries accused Iran of carrying out physical and cyber attacks on its infrastructure and many Middle Eastern countries. Iran worried that Western countries might retaliate for this.

At that time, the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum also stated that the Washington government had launched a full-scale economic war against Iran, intending to retaliate against the shooting down of U.S. drones and the attack on oil tankers.

Iran said at the end of last year that two government agencies had been subjected to large-scale cyberattacks, but it did not specify who was behind the scenes. Iran has in the past accused the United States and Israel of launching cyber attacks against it.

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