The websites of many major Canadian banks are paralyzed

On Thursday (July 22), the websites of many big banks and financial institutions in Canada had inaccessible problems.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that customers of CIBC, BMO, Scotia, RBC, Tangerine, Manulife and Desjardins cannot access the website. As for the TD Bank TD, mobile applications and websites are still available.

The CIBC website stated that is currently unavailable, as is BMO, showing that online banking services cannot be used, and the Scotiabank website also shows the same information.

The Desjardins mobile app showed a technical problem and the RBC website was inaccessible.

The websites of some American companies also encountered the same problem.

The websites of FedEx, UPS, Delta Airlines, HBO Max, and Southwest Airlines (Souhtwest Airline) have all encountered the same situation and cannot be accessed from noon on Thursday.

Late Thursday afternoon, the aforementioned Bank of Canada website returned to normal.

Source : Radio-Canada

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