European Cup 2020 | The knockout matches are out, and the favorites to win the championship gather in the upper half

With the end of the group stage, the European Cup knockout match was announced on June 24. The six giants gathered in the upper half, which is a veritable "death half". Relatively speaking, the second half will be in a state of scuffle.

On June 24th, Beijing time, the top 16 matches of the European Cup were officially released:

Upper half : Belgium vs Portugal, Italy vs Austria, France vs Switzerland, Croatia vs Spain

Lower half : Sweden vs Ukraine, England vs Germany, Netherlands vs Czech Republic, Wales vs Denmark

Strong teams gathered in the upper half

Judging from this table of matches, there are strong teams in the upper half. First of all, Belgium ranked 1st in FIFA will encounter Portugal ranked 5th. This is destined to be a life-and-death contest. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lukaku will meet again. To become opponents, only one of the two favorites can advance to the quarterfinals, which is very cruel.

Italy and Austria will have a duel, and their winner will face the winners of Portugal and Belgium. From this set of duel, Mancini's team is superior, but even if it enters the top eight, Italy will face a tough fight.

The French team met with the Swiss team. In this game, Deschamps' team is very hopeful to advance. If they qualify, they will face the winners of Spain and Croatia. This group of confrontations is still very cruel. Spain is the favorite to win the European Cup, while Croatia is the runner-up in the World Cup.

Anglo-German in the lower half

Judging from the situation in the lower half, there are only three strong teams: England, Germany, and the Netherlands. In the quarterfinals, the British-German battle will be staged in advance. Considering the strength gap between the Dutch team and them, even if the Dutch team enters in the future In the semi-finals, England or Germany may not be shaken. Of course, the premise is that a team from England and Germany enters the semi-finals. In short, the situation in the second half is slightly better, England did not choose opponents, there are good and bad.

Source: Comprehensive JiMu News, Xinhua News Agency

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