Finland wins Eurocup debut

In the Euro Cup 2020, Finland won the first match of their debut tournament after Dennis' Christian Eriksam collapsed.

Finland beat Denmark 1-0 in the Group B match of the 16th edition on Saturday night. Nothing was in his favor for Denmark. The key Denmark player, who played at home, fainted on the field, missed a penalty and lost the game.

Joel Pohanpalo scored for Finland, playing in the Euro Cup for the first time, in the 59th minute.

Denmark had a chance to get back into the game through a penalty. In the 74th minute of the game, Denmark's Pierre Emil Hodgeberg's penalty kick was saved by the Finnish goalkeeper.

After winning the first game, Finland added three points, while 1992 champions Denmark started the tournament with a loss at home.

The game was stopped for an hour due to a tragic incident in the first half of the game at Copenhagen, Denmark's home ground.

The game was called off in the 41st minute when Danish player Christian Eriksen fell unconscious while taking the ball from the throw and UEFA suspended the game for the time being.

Ericsson was given CPR on the field. He was then taken to the hospital on a stretcher. After his condition stabilized, UEFA offered to restart both teams.

When Erickson was unconscious on the field, his teammates blocked him from the camera. The video of his condition was not shown repeatedly. The game was called after the Dennis Football Association said Ericsson's condition was stable.

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