Google Announces New Product: From Android 12 to Skin Disease Detection Tool

 The Developers Conference (Google I / O), Google's annual event to unveil its new products, was canceled last year due to the epidemic. This time, Google's annual conference has started from Tuesday. Google has unveiled its various new products at this much-awaited and important conference. These are the products that Google has made public so far in this conference.

1. Inclusive camera:

Google claims to have developed a smartphone camera that can capture human skin color as it is. According to Google, the smartphone is changing the auto white balance adjustments in the camera that can capture the natural gray color of the skin.

In addition, Google is working on a new algorithm that can better distinguish objects from the background. Google has stated that the camera with this feature will be available in the Google Pixel phone which will be launched in the market later this year. Remember, in recent times, Google has been accused of racism. Artificial intelligence expert Timnit Gebru has accused Google of being institutionally racist.

2. New Artificial Intelligence in Google Photos:

Now Google Photos will also create a collection of relevant photos using artificial intelligence like Facebook and Apple's Memories feature. This allows users to decide which photos and references to remove from such a collection. Google Photos will also have a new feature called little patterns. Who will scan photos using artificial intelligence and create albums by selecting similar images. Google will also use new machine learning to create video-like moving images by adding images from the same place and context. Google has named it Cinematic Moments.

3. Language Inclusion:

Google has launched a new feature called Smart Canvas. It is an umbrella platform that will include Google Docs, Mitt, Sheets, Tasks and Slides. Google has also introduced Assisted Writing Tool. This will suggest users to use gender friendly language. For example, if the user writes Chairman, Google will suggest the option to write Chairperson or Chari. More details about this feature will be made public in the coming weeks, Google said.

4. Android 12:

Google has announced the new operating system Android 12, claiming the biggest design change in the history of Android. In a smartphone with a new operating system, the light at the top of the screen will tell you if Apple has used a camera or a microphone. This feature was already available on iPhone devices. In the new operating system, the user can share the location of the surroundings instead of their exact location. This feature is expected to help prevent third party apps from being tracked by other people.

5. 3D Video Conferencing:

At its annual Developers Conference, Google announced that it was working on a new video chat system. According to which, users will now be able to see the person chatting with them in 3D. Named Starline, the project is said to make video chat ultra-realistic. Due to the ongoing Corona virus epidemic, Google is also under pressure to make video conferencing more and more excellent. However, this technology will not be accessible to the user immediately. It cannot be used on existing users' existing smartphones.

6. Diagnosis of skin and hair diseases:

Google has also announced another new and very useful tool. The tool will analyze human skin, nails and hair with the help of artificial intelligence. Based on the image uploaded by the user, the tool will identify the skin, hair and nails and provide information about them. According to Google, the tool has even received an award for excellence as a medical tool in Europe.

From the BBC

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