Lázaro Barbosa: Brazil murder suspect dies in police shootout

Brasilia, Jun 28 (Prensa Latina) Brazilian police exchanged shots and killed the alleged murderer Lázaro Barbosa, after 20 days of searches through a mega-operation by some 270 agents, announced today Governor Ronaldo Caiado, of the state of Goiás (center-west) . 

The serial murderer Lázaro Barbosa was captured and killed by the Goiás Military Police. Lázaro had been arrested on multiple occasions but always received house arrest and escaped to rob and kill.

Barbosa . Pic via : Internet 

Barbosa, 32, was captured mortally wounded in that territorial division and died on the way to a hospital. "I have just received information at this time from all the teams in the Cocalzinho region that Lázaro was arrested," the governor said on a social network. Convicted of murder and rape, the fugitive from justice was wanted for a series of crimes in the states of Bahia (northeast) and Goiás. 

He is also accused of the death of four people from a family in Ceilândia, in the Federal District (DF), and of a caretaker of a farm in the Girassol area, in Goiás. 'As I said, it was a matter of time before our police, the most prepared in the country, captured the murderer Lázaro Barbosa. Congratulations to our security forces. You are a great pride for our people. Goiás is not the Disneyland of bandits, 'added the governor. 

The search began on June 9, after the crime in the city of DF. During his escape, Barbosa stole a car and went to the city of Cocalzinho de Goiás, 80 kilometers away. Since then, he has been pursued by the police task force through the forests of the region. Helicopters, drones, sniffer dogs, radio communicators, and even a truck with an elevated observation deck for video monitoring assisted in operations. During the persecution, Barbosa invaded at least 11 farms, exchanged shots and killed residents, two military policemen and a Brazilian Air Force officer, according to information from the working group.

Via Presna Latina

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