What is the nitrium nuclear reactor being built by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett?

Bill Gates, along with another billionaire, Warren Buffett, is investing millions of dollars in the project.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, claimed last week when talking about his new energy-related project, Nitrium: This is a turning point in the energy sector. Gates has named the new nuclear power plant Natrium and has registered a patent.

Gates' Terra Power and Buffett's Pacific Corp. have issued a joint statement announcing that their first reactor project, the Natrium Power Plant, will be located at an old, closed coal-fired power plant in Wyoming, USA. Remember that Wyoming is also the largest coal producing state in the United States.

The Natrium project is said to be part of Bill Gates' goal of fighting climate change and promoting renewable energy.

Atomic energy and renewable energy may seem contradictory, but in some areas these small and sophisticated reactors are vital to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supplying electricity when wind and solar energy are scarce. These reactors run on different fuels besides conventional fuels.

Terrapower, a company founded by Bill Gates 15 years ago, is working on the project on this basis. Including Warren Buffett's energy company Pacific Corp.

Terra Power says on its website: The Natrium Reactor and its integrated energy system show that nuclear energy has many potentials and can be competitive.

How does nitrium work?

According to TerraPower's website, it is a new technology for energy production and storage that will include a 345-megawatt high-speed reactor with sodium moisture, a system based on molten salts in energy storage. This will increase the power generation capacity of the system to 500 MW during high demand. It will be able to supply electricity to about 4 lakh households. According to the company, it will cost अर्ब 1 billion to build the furnace.

According to Spain's Nuclear Industry Forum, Natrium is a new technology aimed at simplifying the technology of existing reactors.

Remember that the forum has developed the technology in collaboration with Terra Power.

According to the forum, natural uranium and weak uranium will be used as fuel in the nitrium nuclear reactor. All non-nuclear equipment will be housed in a separate building which will make the system easier to install and lower in cost.

According to Chris Levesque, chairman of the company, the first furnace of the project will take about seven years to build.

"We must have this kind of clean energy in our system by 2030," he told reporters.

The project is also part of the US government's Department of Energy's Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program .

According to a report by Business Insider, the US Department of Energy has provided 180 million in financial assistance to TerraPower to move the Natrium project forward.

The ministry has also committed to provide additional grant to the project in the next few years.

Speaking at an event organized by the project, Womming Governor Mark Gordon said it was the fastest and cleanest way to achieve the state's negative carbon footprint.

"These small reactors will provide energy on demand and reduce carbon dioxide emissions," he wrote on Twitter. Hundreds of jobs will also be created from the construction and operation of this plant.

Concerns raised by nitrium nuclear reactors

However, concerns have been raised about such projects in some other areas. The Union of Concerned Scientists, a non-profit group advocating for science in the United States, has warned that state-of-the-art reactors such as Natrium could pose a much greater threat than conventional ones.

Edwin Lyman, director of the scientific group, told Reuters: "The technology is definitely different from existing reactors, but it's not clear if it's better than it is now."

According to Lyman, who is also the author of the report "Advance is not always better" published by the union, it is even more risky in terms of safety, accident risk and nuclear proliferation.

According to the report, the fuel used in many such advanced reactors should be Enriched as compared to conventional fuels. This means that the fuel used in such reactors could easily become a target for terrorists involved in building weapons.

The report says: "If nuclear power plays a key role in preventing climate change, it is imperative that new reactors be built safely and efficiently."

Levesque, chairman of Terra Power, defended the nitrium project, saying the plant would play a key role in reducing nuclear waste.


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