What is the "secret" of promoting rural development in China?

 According to the Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times, China, which has declared the elimination of absolute poverty, will use the power it has devoted to "fully building a lull society" for many years to the next step of "promoting rural development." I'm turning to. The 2021 Central No. 1 document, "Opinions of the Central Communist Party and the State Council on the Full Promotion of Rural Promotion and Acceleration of Agriculture and Rural Modernization," published on February 21, this year, states, Should be promoted, "he pointed out, and demanded that the power of society as a whole should be mobilized to" improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture, make rural areas easier to live and work, and enrich farmers. "

 With the full promotion of rural development in China, the concrete method is drawing attention from all over the world. "Human resources have important implications for rural development in China," the Nigerian newspaper "Leadership" said. Currently, China is said to have more than 17 million talented farmers. Improving the scientific literacy of Chinese farmers has become a solid foundation for the development of farmers as a whole and strongly supports the promotion of rural economies. New policy measures have been launched in various parts of China to encourage farmers to acquire skills. ◇ Shandong Province has established a professional title system for professional farmers (professional farmers). ◇ Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, supports professional farmers to receive university education free of charge. ◇ Gansu Province intends to disseminate the technology to the field and solve practical problems in agricultural production, such as by training the heads of agricultural cooperatives and animal epidemics coordinators.

 "The People's Republic of China has succeeded in eliminating absolute poverty. This is a major achievement that will lead to the realization of a wonderfully prosperous world as depicted in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Government political commitment and policy stability are essential to improve the situation of the poorest and most vulnerable, a great opportunity for innovation-led green and open development models to benefit everyone Prove that it is. " As UN Secretary-General António Guterres said, China's experience in rural development will serve as a reference for more developing countries. The magnificent blueprint for China's rural development also encourages the international community.

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 In an interview with the media, former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said, "Poverty is a global issue, and the fight against poverty is a common issue for all humankind." Not only are many developing countries suffering from poverty, but developed countries also need to be resolved. The achievements of poverty eradication in China, a large country that accounts for about one-fifth of the world's population, set an example for the world and greatly inspires the people of the world. If China succeeds in promoting rural areas, it will not only enrich the lives of Chinese farmers, but also promote food security and the construction of ecological civilization in China.

 "Today, rural areas in China are undergoing major changes, and the lifestyles of their inhabitants are also changing." "Many people will find rural China an interesting and fascinating place," the Financial Times reported.

 "Translated from China Net Japanese Version (China Net)" June 12, 2021

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