3 facts behind the magnificent and unique vision in the "Loki" series

The production designer of the Miracle Rocky series, Kasla Farahani, revealed many references and inspirations behind the magnificent and unique visual aesthetics of the series. This is not the first time Farahani has worked on a project for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Previously, he had participated in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" (2017), "Black Panther" (2018) and "Captain's Miracle" (2019).

When asked whether making a series of films would further limit his creative space, he said that there is no significant difference between working on series and MCU films.

Serial Rocky (Photo: @Disney D23)

"This series is very interesting and unique because it is on a different timeline from the MCU movies we are familiar with. There are many stories to explore. However, it feels almost the same as making MCU movies. About our creative ambitions, schedule and The creative process," he said.

Here are 3 facts behind the magnificent and unique visual effects of the Loki series.

1. Thoughts when reading Rocky's script

Farahani said that the inspiration came from reading the script of "Rocky" with director Kate Herron and executive producer Kevin Wright. All three have the same popular culture references and will be adapted into visual forms in the future.

"When I was sent for the initial material for the interview, I was amazed by the breadth and diversity of the extremely interesting world in which the story took place. (Through the script), we quickly discovered that our citations were very synchronized. We started from the same popular culture point. And the same type of vision", Farahani said, quoted from ANTARA, Wednesday, July 14.

2. Inspired by Madman (2007) and Blade runner-up (1982)

For him, the most challenging and fun thing is to fight with the visual design of "Loki", when he was designing for the Time Difference Authority (TVA). The description in the script helped him determine the visual aesthetics, which was deeply inspired by "Madman" (2007) and "Blade Runner" (1982).

"TVA, basically the'madman' satisfies the'blade runner'. It extends beyond this point to include more outdated references. This is where Terry Gilliam's work becomes a very important source of research for us. He, especially in his movie "Brazil" (1985), has an extraordinary quality that combines elements of the future and the past, and the elements of the present are inaccurate, but somehow feel real."

3. Combining modern architecture and architectural design

Visually, Farahani added that TVA was also inspired by architectural design and post-war medieval modern architecture and mid-century modern institutional architecture.

When talking about Loki’s early production and design process, he said that the script was the key to him, and the presence of Loki, Tom Hiddleston, who also served as an executive producer, helped him and The team learned about the characters and the environment.

"Seeing Tom with us, he has been playing this role for 10 years, which is very interesting. He is like Rocky's "professor". He knows this role better than anyone. Tom has helped in the art and design department. We are very busy, providing illustrations and stories. About his character," Farahani said.

The script also provides a good guide. From the perspective of the story, what the different worlds must achieve and how they feel. Then, our work transforms them into images and worlds. These characters can move and have These emotional experiences," he added.

Source: Voi.id

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