5G makes manufacturing "wireless" possible

The transformation and upgrading of traditional industrial enterprises has attracted much attention. Catch the 5G express train to accelerate the process of "digitalization" to "intelligence", allowing traditional industrial enterprises and industrial Internet technologies to merge and collide, and to glow with infinite vitality in the new era.

  The Industrial Internet is a deep integration of the information field and the physical manufacturing field, and is regarded as the core application field of 5G. When 5G enters the stage of large-scale deployment, industry is one of the most important application areas.

  The World 5G Conference is about to be held. The reporter interviewed Yu Haibin, director of the National Industrial Process Measurement and Control Standardization Technical Committee, director of the "Networked Control System" National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center, and director of the Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to talk about manufacturing in the 5G era Opportunities and challenges faced.

  "Intelligent production in the industrial field needs to improve flexibility, flexibility, resource efficiency and product quality, and the deep integration of 5G and industrial automation can improve network connectivity and stability, create a new architecture for future industrial connections, and support future fully connected smart factories. Construction." Located in Liaoning, an old industrial base in Northeast China, Yu Haibin has a deep understanding of the application of industrial interconnection technology in traditional industrial enterprises.

  Technological iteration, "autonomy" and "intelligence" are the key

  The maturity of a revolutionary technology requires multiple rounds of iteration and continuous innovation of technology and application scenarios, and there is no lack of controversy. The manufacturing industry hopes to achieve automation through the Industrial Internet, but a large amount of industrial manufacturing knowledge needs to be tapped urgently.

  Yu Haibin said that the Industrial Internet is not only a network, but also an interconnected industrial system. Industrial systems are developed from the interconnected intelligence supported by the information network to knowledge-driven autonomous intelligence, thus realizing autonomy and intelligence.

  With the gradual landing of 5G applications, commercial 5G technologies and applications have achieved great success, and a rational view of industrial scene applications is particularly critical. Yu Haibin said that industrial 5G technology and its effect on the industrial revolution are still in the initial stage.

  Reviewing the application and development of wireless network technology, he believes that the application of industrial wireless network technology in the field of automation, from the initial attempt to the later large-scale product application, has verified the feasibility of wireless technology in some industrial fields. It focuses on solving large-scale industrial measurement and control problems in the process industry.

  "But for high-end processing and manufacturing, especially precision motion control, because wireless technology has not yet reached the effect of traditional wired networks, there is always a lack of'wireless' weapons." Yu Haibin emphasized.

  At present, industrial wireless technology is showing a flourishing situation, supporting industrial applications from different levels. However, due to the huge differences in industrial application scenarios, it is difficult to have one technology that can support all industrial scenarios at the same time.

  "Although 5G uses the scenario-driven technical route to define three major scenarios, industrial applications closely related to real-time performance still need breakthroughs." Yu Haibin said, because there is no knowledge accumulation and precipitation like fieldbus and industrial Ethernet, time Today, the application of 5G is still in the iterative of continuous application attempts and technological innovation.

  "But from the 5G application innovations that have been demonstrated so far, people have seen many opportunities, such as robot teleoperation remote surgery, VR/AR remote teaching, etc., which solve some previously difficult problems." Yu Haibin said.

  Bring to the point and realize the innovation of application scenarios and models

  The figures show that 5G links are expected to carry the connection of 1 billion places, the connection of 5 billion people, and the connection of 50 billion things. In the future, everyone, every family, and every organization will be interconnected through "digital".

  At present, the global market share of industrial wireless technology is only about 6%, while 5G has just begun to be applied, and its share is even smaller. However, it is critical to driving continuous changes in industrial infrastructure, production methods, and innovation models. It is related to digital The initiative and the right to speak in the development of my country's manufacturing industry in the economic era.

  In addition, we can also see the gap between my country and other countries from the comparison of figures. For example, the processing level of lithography machines in the Netherlands is 5nm, and its lithography machines with 7nm precision and above account for 100% of the world's share, while the level of lithography machines that can be mass-produced in my country is only 90nm. The gap is huge, indicating that challenges and opportunities coexist.

  The changes of the times and favorable policies have given the Industrial Internet to infinite vitality, and also made people full of imagination in the 5G era. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it is imperative to break through the traditional development model, promote the innovation of manufacturing model, and give full play to my country's advantages in the mobile communication industry, especially the advantages of 5G technology.

  "From point to point, through technological breakthroughs, to achieve innovation in application scenarios and models, which will generate industry radiation, promote the continuous upgrading of my country's industrial enterprises and industrial development, and consolidate the modern industrial system." Yu Haibin gave his own views and applied 5G. It will help to maintain and expand my country’s leading 5G advantages.

5G wireless

5G makes manufacturing "wireless" possible

  Cross-integration, new technologies bring unlimited possibilities in the future

  For more than 20 years, Yu Haibin has led a team to intensively cultivate industrial wireless control technology. Not only did he create an internationally leading industrial wireless control technology system, he also took the lead in formulating my country’s first International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) international standard in the field of industrial wireless control-WIA- The PA standard enables my country's industrial wireless control technology to reach the international leading level and has the right to speak in the world.

  As one of the birthplaces of my country's robotics and industrial automation, the Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences continues to promote the research and development of China's robotics technology, and solves a series of major key technical issues in the development of the national manufacturing industry. The "Haiyi" underwater glider broke the world record for the maximum dive depth of underwater gliders in 2017. The "Haidou-1" all-sea deep unmanned submersible successfully dived to 10907 meters in the sea trial in 2020. Industry 4.0 interconnection The manufacturing solution was awarded the "World's Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievement".

  "The application of major scientific and technological achievements and special scenarios has put forward new requirements for the 5G era. In the future, 5G technology will also be applied in all aspects, but it should not be rushed." Yu Haibin said that 5G should be in continuous technological iteration. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) perspectives jointly promote a brand-new industrial wireless network, seize opportunities, compete for technological advantages, aggressively attack "stuck neck" technologies, and strengthen the independent controllability of core technologies.

  Pay attention to the underlying support and think about the integration of technology. Yu Haibin said that 5G is the key infrastructure for the comprehensive interconnection of “humans, machines, and things”. 5G is the core support of the industrial Internet. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, industrial computing, 5G, and industrial Internet of Things are cross-integrated, and various industrial manufacturing , Information platform, and the security of the entire process and the entire chain will be the carrier and way for 5G technology to promote the industrial revolution. Many new technologies will be produced and the ability to lead innovation will be formed, providing unlimited possibilities for the intelligent development of the manufacturing industry. 

Via : tech.ce.cn(Reporter Hao Xiaoming)

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