Both houses of the U.S. Congress vote to pass a $2 billion bill to strengthen Congressional security

The US Senate and the House of Representatives voted on the 29th local time to pass a total of US$2 billion bills to strengthen security measures in Congress.

On that day, the Senate passed the bill with 98 votes in favor and 0 votes against. After that, the House of Representatives passed the bill with 416 votes in favor and 11 votes against. Next, the bill will be signed into law by US President Biden.
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According to the bill, US$520 million will be provided to the National Guard to pay for its stationing in Congress; US$300 million will be used to strengthen the security of the Congress, including strengthening doors and windows, setting up surveillance cameras, etc.; US$70 million will be provided to Congressional police, Used to pay for the expenses in response to the congressional riots on January 6.

On January 6 this year, when the Congress was counting the electoral votes in the presidential election, supporters of former U.S. President Trump violently stormed Congress, killing at least five people. This incident is the worst attack that Congress has suffered in 200 years.

Senate Democratic leader Schumer said before the vote that day that if Congress does not pass the bill, by the end of August, there will be no funds to pay Congressional police salaries. Schumer stated that Congress must act so that "people who risk their lives to protect us get the help they deserve."

Senate Republican Leader McConnell said that although the two parties did not think this version of the bill was "perfect", they both agreed that it was "absolutely necessary."

In the bill, there are also 600 million US dollars used to increase the 8,000 immigrant visas for Afghans who worked for the US military in the Afghanistan war and to provide corresponding transportation and housing expenses. It is reported that these people will be sent to a military base in Virginia, the United States after completing the security review.

Source: Huanqiu

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