BTS sets a new record in the 62-year history of Billboard, "Milestone in American Pop Music History"

"Hot Shot debut → 1st place in 7 weeks → Relay"

"Permission to Dance" Hot 100 relay first place, foreign media also focused attention!

American "Forbes": "BTS joins the ranks of the very few artists who have created the performance of the'Baton'"

Following "Butter", BTS topped the Billboard Hot 100 list with its new song "Permission to Dance", leaving a huge milestone in the history of American pop music. Foreign media also paid attention to this.

BTS won the first place in the main singles Hot 100 on the latest Billboard charts (July 24th edition) with its new song "Permission to Dance". While entering the rankings, he also achieved the so-called Hot Shot debut that directly reached the top of the list. In particular, Bangtan Boys ranked No. 1 on the Hot 100 list with the digital single "Butter" for 7 consecutive weeks on the previous rankings, and once again topped the charts with a new song, successfully completing the No. 1 relay. Billboard said that the number one in the Hot 100 has set the record again in 3 years since Drake in July 2018. Before BTS, the top singers in the Hot 100 relay include Drake, and only 13 people/groups such as Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, The Black Eyed Peas, and The Beatles.

BTS Vs Beatles

BTS not only became the 14th singer to top the Hot 100 list, it also left a unique milestone in the history of the bulletin board. According to Billboard, the only singers who have maintained Hot Shot 1 in Hot 100 for more than 7 weeks and replaced Hot 100 with their other songs are Puff Daddy, Drake, and BTS. In the 62 years and 11 months of Billboard’s history , BTS is the only one.

The performance of BTS has also attracted the attention of major media in the United States. The economic magazine "Forbes" reported that "BTS beat its own song "Butter" with "Permission to Dance", setting a record of No. 1 in the Hot 100 and joining the No. 1 spot in the history of the United States (Billboard Hot 100). One of the very few artists in the ranks."

Vulture, the performing arts media, said: "No one can stop BTS from reaching the top of the charts. The first place in the Billboard Hot 100, which the previous song "Butter" insisted on, was replaced with "Permission to Dance", achieving a rare cause." , The headlines Planet and Bustle also focused on the baton of the first place in BTS Hot 100.

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