Highly Recommended movies to watch in 2021

"Sustained World II", "Dune", "Defender: The Lone Ranger", and "Mission Impossible 7" will be released in 2021! The movies that will be released in 2021 are super strong movies in a single arrangement!

The movie release date in 2021 has moved again! The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia local epidemic in 2021 has caused the audience to continue to postpone the long-awaited movies, including the Marvel movies "Black Widow" , "Merciful 2", "Eternal Race" , "Moebius" ; the topical movie "Gold Medal Agent" : The Origins of Kingsman , "Fashionable Girl : Kuila", "007 : Battle Between Life and Death" , "Surroundings II" , "Fighting Time 9" , "Defender: The Lone Ranger" , "Impossible Mission 7" "All postponed, now we will show you which of the strongest movies will finally be released in 2021, and which ones will be changed schedules! Let's take a look at the movie recommendations for 2021!

a) "Black Widow"

"Marvel Graduation" and "Black Widow" starring historian Lei Qiao Hansen , can Marvel's "late" personal work put a perfect end to Scarlett Johansson's Marvel journey. "Black Widow" is definitely a must-see movie of the year in 2021!

Public attention Marvel movie "Black Widow" by the Shijia Lei Johansson leader (Scarlett Johansson), also got "their"(Florence Pugh) taking over the starring "The new generation of black widow", " "Oscar Queen" Rachel Whites teamed up!

"Black Widow" will be released on July 14, 2021

"Black Widow" will become the first must-see movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2021. "Black Widow" Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) is reviewing the "Sense of Belonging" she found in the Avengers. After positioning herself with herself, she discovered her body in a bright red dress, and met with an old friend in martial arts. This blonde girl was a former colleague of the heroine. Yelena Belova was trained at the Soviet Red Room training base. Become a spy agent; interestingly, Yelena’s codename is also "Black Widow" .

b) "Li Yin House 3: The Devil Forced Me"

"Li Yin House 3: The Devil Forced Me" "The Warrens" are coming back to the big screen! Wen Ziren , the most powerful horror master of the time , announced that he would hand over "Li Yin House 3: The Devil Forced Me" to the director of "Crying Woman" director Michael Chavez, and the producer also stated that "Li Yin House 3" is unlikely to become "Haunted House" movie!

"Li Yin House 3: The Devil Forced Me" Release time July 22, 2021

"Li Yin House 3: The Devil Forced Me" was adapted from a murder case of demon possession in the United States. The client shouted in the court: "It was all the devil who forced me!" The Warrens, who have years of exorcism experience, stood up for The defendant...

c) "Battle of Tomorrow"

After "Star Lord" Chris Pratt self-esteem as "Arno's daughter" Kathleen Schwarzenegger , happy events come and go. In August 2020, he will also welcome the crystallization of their love. Chris Pratt has a star fortune. Hopefully, it is really unstoppable to invest in multi-stage film shooting!

In Chris Pratt’s latest movie "Battle of Tomorrow", he will join forces with Yvonne Strahovski, Betty Gilpin, Keith Powers and "Attack Drummer" J· K · Simmons (JK Simmons) in the same scene.

"Battle of Tomorrow" will be released on July 23, 2021

"Battle of Tomorrow" is a sci-fi action movie. The story of "Battle of Tomorrow" is set in the future. The earth is invaded by aliens. Faced with the declining birth rate and the relentless war, the earth’s people can no longer withstand the attacks of aliens. At this time, a group of scientists are developing a way to "call "The elite soldiers of the past participated in the war, hoping to seize the last glimmer of hope and defend the earth!"

d) "The Old Man"

Director Neshammaran of the movie "Split" brings another new thriller! The movie "The Old Man" was edited and directed by Neshammaran, and adapted from the graphic novel "Sand Castle" written by Pieroscar Levy and Frederick Peters.

The movie "The Old Man" has a luxurious cast lineup, including Golden Globe winner Gail Garcia Bernard, "The Phantom of the Neon", Vicky Krep, and "No Holiday in Love", starring Rufus Seville and others. In the cast lineup, there is also a genius actor Thomason McKinsey who has shown superb acting skills in the movie "Bunny Laughing Boy". If you like her, don't miss it!

"Old" Screening time July 30, 2021

The story of the movie "Old Strange" describes a family who went on vacation in the tropics and found that they had just relaxed on the summer beach for a few hours, and they were aging rapidly, and they passed their whole life in one day, and behind this mysterious beach is hidden What horrible story?

e) "Jungle Adventure"

Disneyland’s classic rides "Forest River Journey" will be adapted into the movie "Jungle Adventure" for the first time!

Disney movie "Hang Cong Lynch" got Dwayne Johnson (Dwayne Johnson), Emily Brown (Emily Blunt), starring the two will join forces "comedy", "Golden Globe winner" Paul Luojimadi. The villain is performed by Edgar Ramirez, Jesse Plemons, and Quim Gutiérrez.

"Jungle Adventure" will be released on July 30, 2021

"A Journey in the Jungle" tells that "Dr. Horton" discovered a magical tree with healing powers hidden deep in the Amazon, so he decided to go deep into the jungle and explore the true story of this legend. She found a cunning ferry captain "Frank" who seemed to be strong and reliable, but was just a swindler of tourists, and went to the Amazon jungle to embark on a mysterious journey!

f)  "Suicide Commando: Rally"

" Harley Quinn " Margroby will join his "Suicide Commando" members to make a riot in Gotham City again!

The 2016 DC movie "Suicide Commando" was tragically evaluated, making Warner Movies determined to "restart" a new version. In 2021, "Suicide Commando: Rally" was directed by James Gunn, the "Billionaire Box Office Director" and assembled "The Joker" "Female" Magrobbie and the golden cast lineup "Thor Goalkeeper" Edras Alba, "Comedy Wrestler" John Sinan, "Action Superstar" Sylvester Stallone, and "Oscar Queen" Vera Davis , "Arianna's ex-boyfriend" Peter Capaldi, "Carbon Change" "Sexy Actor" Joel Kinnaman and others will perform together.

"Suicide Commando: Rally" will be released on August 5, 2021

The synopsis of "Suicide Commando: Assembling" is the same as the previous one. The criminals caught in the cell in Gotham City are organized to form a "Suicide Commando" and they receive a new mission that can reduce their sentences. Robbie led the team to the island country of Kotomalta in South America and was ordered to destroy the Jotunheim prison and laboratory left over from the Nazi period. The laboratory unscrupulously conducted human experiments on political prisoners. What about the "suicide commando" How about facing unknown enemies?

g) "Out of the box player"

Ryan Reynolds "Shi Shi Pai" humor is showing off! The brand-new action comedy movie "The Player Out of Draft" will accompany the audience through 2021 in a humorous way!

The movie "The Player" is starred by " Deadpool " Ryan Reynolds, and the cast of the new action-adventure comedy "The Player" also finds the "Emmy Queen" Jodie Comer (Jodie Comer) , "Stranger Things" Joe Keery (Joe Keery) in the same scene, "Out of the box player" will lead the audience to find a new meaning of "virtual life"!

"Out of the box" will be released on August 13, 2021

Ryan Reynolds plays the protagonist Guy in the movie "The Player" . In the game "Free City", he is an unimportant NPC bank clerk. Every day there is only a fixed route and life waiting for him. When Guy realizes that he is stuck In the repeated "game settings", he is just a small character in the game. He began to explore the meaning of his life. He didn't want to be restricted by the "factory settings" to restrict his life, so Guy started a fearless Take risks and transform yourself into a hero, hoping to win the competition before the game is closed!

h) "Destiny 9"
The action movie "Destiny 9", which has been postponed continuously affected by the epidemic, is finally coming back to the big screen in 2021! "Fighting Time 9" "Boss Don", "Boss Tang" will recall the "veteran-level members" Lidi, Roma, Brother Han, and Mia to join the battle!

In addition to "Veteran" "Liti" Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez), "Roma" Tyrese Gibson (Tyrese) Gibson), "Brother Han" Kang Sung-ho, and "Mia" Jordana Brewster (Jordana Brewster) , the wife of " Brian" Paul Walker who played "Brian" in the " Destiny " series, announced their return ! "Play Level 8" "The Most Beautiful Villain" Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron), "The Funniest Wrestler" John Cena, Cardi B (Cardi B) will all join the "Funny Universe"!

"Destiny 9" will be released on August 11, 2021

"Destiny 9" is directed by director Lin Yibin Huiguo. The story focuses on the grievances between the family of "Boss Don" (Feng Diso). Moreover, the younger sister of Mr. Tang, "Mia", "Veteran-level members", Brother Han and Brian will all make a surprise appearance in this episode!

Among them, Mr. Tang’s most mysterious brother "Jacob" (played by John Southwest) will also appear for the first time, but his appearance is undoubtedly the biggest threat to Mrs. Tang. In the high-tech armed leader "Saf" (played by Charlize Theron) Under the manipulation of ), the two brothers will stage a gang fight in the same room. How will "Destiny 9" continue to write their story?

i) "Special Forces: Battle of Snake Eyes"

"Son of Taiwan" Henry Godin (Henry Golding) starred in the movie "GI Joe: Snake Eyes of War" , in order to interpret the surface most handsome "Snake Eyes", he was particularly involved in physical Gifted, good Japanese sword, gun fire, close Fighting physical master!

"Special Forces: Battle of Snake Eyes" will be released on August 18, 2021

"Special Forces: Battle of Snake Eyes" is the third "Special Forces" series of movies. The previous preview was released. The story content of "Special Forces: Snake Eyes" will deeply explore the inner world of "Snake Eyes". The audience will Seeing her fragile side and finally the friendship with the special forces brothers in adversity, the audience will witness the rise of "Snake Eyes" with their own eyes!

J) "Baby Boss"
A Great Family" In 2017, "Baby Boss" swept the global box office with a record of 570 million. It was also shortlisted for the 90th Oscar for Best Animated Animation in one fell swoop. Now it is finally about to launch the sequel animation film "Baby Boss: Big Business" in 2021!

"Baby Boss: A Great Family" will be released on August 20, 2021

In the sequel movie "Baby Boss: A Great Family", the Templeton brothers Tim and Ted have grown up long ago. Because of their different ideas, the relationship between the brothers has gradually drifted away. The older brother Tim is married and has children, and he is a homeowner; Ted is the chief executive of a hedge fund company and believes that everything can be bought by money. And the Templeton Brothers welcomes a new member, a strong and proactive new baby boss, who is about to bring the brothers together again and inspire them to establish a new family business!
Must-see movies in 2021: "Freezing Rescue"Just after his 69th birthday, "the strongest dad on the surface" even Ennison returns to the big screen! This summer action film is waiting for this "Freeze Rescue", which was sealed by foreign media as "Ice Version" and "Fate". This action movie that makes Lien Ennison want to stop after reading the script, not only challenges the limits of physical fitness, but also personally. Visit the polar regions for shooting! The director of "Frozen Rescue" spent one billion Taiwan dollars, insisted not to rely on special effects post-production, and waited until the ice on the lake is thick enough to drive a huge truck through, and can withstand the installation of movie equipment, and will start shooting after it is fully in place!"Frozen Rescue" will be released on August 25, 2021

The story of "Freezing Rescue" describes a major collapse accident in a remote diamond mine in northern Canada. A group of miners were buried in the tunnel, leaving only 30 hours of oxygen to survive. Driving an experienced huge truck (played by Lien Nixon), and the genius mechanic brother Gerty (played by Max Thomas) formed an emergency rescue team, relying on the huge truck to traverse 300 miles of frozen lake to form an "Ice Road" ", rescued 26 trapped miners. This group of emergency rescue team members not only have to fight fast on the melting "ice road", but also face the upcoming super storm, but their real threat is a terrorist crisis that has never been encountered in the past... It turned out that in order to hide the main cause of the explosion accident, the mining company hired a large number of killers to obstruct the rescue team from marching. A earth-shattering rescue operation began in the ice and snow!

i) "The Eternal Family"

The release of the full cast of Marvel's fourth-stage movie "Eternal Race" will surely make fans look forward to the release of the work; even though we all know that these heroes created by the Celestial Race have superb strange powers because they have "cosmic energy". , Speed, stamina, sensitivity, and can fly freely, reorganize molecules, but what is the specific uniqueness of each hero?

"The Eternal Family" will be released in October 2021

j) "007: Battle Between Life and Death" 

The outline of "007: Battle Between Life and Death" continues the story development of the previous one. It tells the "retired" James Bond (Daniel Craig), who enjoys a peaceful aftermath in Jamaica, but when he serves as the CIA Central Intelligence Agency. Felix Wright, an old friend of the game, appeared and asked him for help, and this brief calm ended. The mission M (Leif Vannes) assigned to Pound was to rescue a kidnapped scientist, but he not only found that his 007 position was replaced by a female agent, but also found that he was about to face a new type of State-of-the-art criminal organizations put themselves in danger. This time he is struggling with the betrayal of Dr. Madeleine Swann (played by Leasedoux) and the threat of the villain Safin (played by Remy Malik) who is trying to play the role of God...

007: Battle Between Life and Death will be released on October 1, 2021

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