How thin can steel be made? Can be torn by hand, as thin as paper

Steel is a common object in our daily life. When it comes to steel, most people think of keywords such as "thickness, toughness, heavy industry", but you may not know that there is a kind of steel that is very thin, only a quarter of the thickness of A4 paper. One, it can even be shredded by bare hands, which we call "hand-ripened steel."

Shredded steel belongs to stainless steel foil, which is a relatively high-end product in the field of stainless steel strips. At present, wide-width soft stainless steel foil is common on the market. Common stainless steel sheets on the market are divided into stainless steel precision strip steel and stainless steel foil. The difference between the two is mainly reflected in the thickness. The specifications of precision stainless steel strip are relatively special, generally only 0.05 to 0.5 mm thick, while the thickness of stainless steel foil is thinner than that of precision stainless steel strip, generally below 0.05 mm.

How thin can steel be made?

he use of shredded steel is very wide. It can be seen in fields such as defense technology, medical equipment, precision instruments, petrochemicals, aerospace, energy storage batteries, sensors, solar energy, and folding displays. However, the production process of hand-tear steel is very complicated. It has relatively high requirements for thickness, plate shape, product performance, etc., and it is very difficult to manufacture.

In 2016, China set up a "Teaching Team" for shredded steel, focusing on research and development of the thinnest shredded steel. The production process of shredded steel is extremely complicated, and it is necessary to overcome problems such as rolling, annealing, high-grade surface control and performance control. Among them, the most difficult to break through is the problem of tape breakage. During the annealing test, the frequency of tape breakage is very high. Sometimes it occurs more than a dozen times a week, and each time it takes more than ten hours to repair and restore the equipment, it is not only a waste of time, but also Cause huge material and financial losses. Secondly, when rolling thin strips, it is necessary to strictly control the function accuracy of the equipment and the accuracy of operation control. If there is a slight difference, the strip will be broken and the steel strip will be ground into powder. In order to solve this technical problem, scientific research The staff has made great efforts.

At present, the technological level of China's research and development of shredded steel has reached the international leading level, and has achieved technological breakthroughs in terms of control level, purity, production line technology, product performance and high-grade surface accuracy.

Although my country's production technology of shredded steel is already very advanced, the pace of research and development by scientific researchers has never stopped. In 2020, my country has developed and produced 0.015 mm ultra-thin shredded steel, which can be used to manufacture new energy vehicle batteries. In the near future, China's R&D technology for shredded steel will be more mature, and shredded steel will definitely be applied to more industries and fields.

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