It's about reducing carbon emissions

In recent years, the temperature in many parts of the world has changed like a roller coaster, record-setting extremely cold and extremely warm weather has followed one after another, and large-scale rain, snow, sand, dust, and flood disasters have frequently hit... As the public's understanding of climate change has further deepened , Global warming and extreme weather and climate events have gradually become the focus of social attention. As one of the most severe challenges facing the world, climate change with warming as the main feature is bringing many risks to the ecological environment and economic and social development, and it has sounded the alarm for people.

Responding to climate change is the common cause of all mankind. At present, the global response to climate change and low-carbon transition are accelerating. Countries that account for more than 65% of global carbon dioxide emissions have made carbon neutrality commitments. Carbon neutrality has thus become the focus of the game between major powers, a reshaping of low-carbon economic rules. International competition has already begun. What needs to be noticed is that my country is still in the middle and late stages of industrialization and urbanization, and it is still facing problems such as coal energy structure and heavy industrial structure. The next 15 years will be the key stage for my country to basically realize modernization, and economic development still needs to maintain a reasonable growth rate. Energy demand will continue to grow. While the low-carbon transition of energy and economy is ushering in an important period of opportunity, emission reduction and carbon reduction are facing severe challenges.

The goal of carbon neutrality is not easy to implement, and getting rid of the impact of global climate change is even more difficult and long. The climate effects of greenhouse gases emitted from the past to the present will affect decades, hundreds of years or even longer. Achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality is an important starting point for ensuring my country’s energy security, climate security, and ecological security. We should give full play to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, and promote more extensive cooperation and research in multiple fields, across disciplines, and multiple departments. Deepen the reform of the power system, build a new power system with new energy as the main body, and strive to improve the low-carbon, clean, safe and efficient level of energy.

The fundamental solution to the problem of climate change requires emission reduction and carbon reduction, but adaptation is still indispensable and imminent. Everyone should take action, starting from the little things in daily life, and practicing a low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle from all aspects of clothing, food, housing, transportation, and travel, so that green production and life become common practice. At the same time, pay attention to the complementary integration of climate resilient city construction, sponge city and smart city, establish and improve air pollution climate prediction and change impact assessment system under the carbon neutral target, and actively use big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to improve the weather disaster risk early warning business , Continuously enhance the level of urban disaster emergency joint prevention.

Source: Economic Daily

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