It's time to envision the end for Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay

The quarterback and the team are still dancing around these issues, because another leak hints that this is really the end.

Because professional football contract negotiations must follow a complex dance through anonymous national media leaks-instead of letting both parties publicly explain what they hope to get out of all of this, let us translate the news item updated on Tuesday ( via Adam Sheft ) Aaron Rogers rejected "a two-year contract extension that will bind him to Green Bay for another five seasons and make him the highest paid quarterback and player in football": remember? We tried it! Honest!

Of course, we don’t know what that extension looks like (although Rogers’ refusal to extend the contract is well-known, the news itself provides more detailed information about the length and assumed weight of the rejected agreement, but does not provide its substance). It may be equivalent to a contract for a cardboard bottom boat, which may be why Rogers’ agent suggested that he throw it out the window while driving along Washington Avenue in Culver City. Quoting is one thing. Another firm statement is that they will stay here for another five years without escape. Maybe Rogers prefers this kind of restraint.

Or maybe Tuesday’s news means that we always knew it could but never thought about it; we might actually be serious about preparing for a season that doesn’t include Rogers at all. Although the dance of anonymous media is sometimes difficult to keep up, even for those who are immersed in tango, the white flag that was raised a week before the start of the training camp speaks for itself.

It's time to put the organization behind the Jordan Love hype train, organize the dirt on the players who did not appear, and pray that the fans will still show up and shovel them out of the stadium on cold and snowy days. Tuesday’s move had the desired effect. Several popular websites happily described the tidbits in the headlines because Rogers rejected a contract that would make him the highest paid player in NFL history, but I don’t know exactly. What does it mean, or how the packers intend to do this. This makes him greedy for the fan base, which is one of the more powerful weapons (if deceptively) the team can use in disputes of this nature. The longer this pattern lasts, the breadcrumbs can be traced back to June, when the top executive of the team said that some fans could leave Rogers , and the less likely it was to see a private jet landing in Brown County.

You may ask, what makes this different from any other public insistence that seems to have reached a climax before training camp, only to be relegated at the moment of blinking on one side and signing on the dotted line? For example, in Dallas, Jerry Jones ( Jerry Jones) these things into an art form , thriving scene. He pretended not to know the name of his player. He casually entered the interview site and insisted that the Cowboys would be good without so and so. He knew well that in a few weeks he would open his checkbook on a quiet day, when his pearl white could dominate. News cycle. Former Giants general manager Jerrys likes to talk about his breakfast at a restaurant across the street from the facility with the distraught Ossiumenola, joking that the turbulent headlines allegedly detail their hostility towards each other. This makes us feel a bit stupid to fall into it again, as if we didn't realize the time loop we've been trapped in, the pattern remains the same, and all changes are the player's name.

Credit : NIC Antaya/Getty Images. Pictured: Aaron Roders

In this special dance, Rogers’s only insistence is that money is not a problem. And if it is a secret, Rogers will have a difficult to use approachable, RELAX bit can start to see a small fan group through him, especially now. Apart from firing the general manager and team president, nothing seems to make Rogers happy unless he is traded. The counterattack from his camp was as consistent and unwavering as anything else.

So when we got here, it seemed that no one would like to dance anymore soon. In a perfect world where we don't have to do this, we will have a more comprehensive understanding of the size of the rift. Rogers doesn’t want to play in Green Bay anymore, because “it’s just a philosophy, maybe you forget that it’s about people who make things go smoothly. It’s about personality, about culture, about doing things the right way.”

what does that mean? Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

The packers believe it can be repaired. How do they try to fix it? Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

The only thing we can be sure of is that publishing a piece of news that will eventually make your star player act ungratefully, and his economic downturn, is usually not one of the most appropriate solutions to this problem. This is a defense mechanism. A shield. This is the end of the song. Both parties will be left to find other partners and convince themselves that they did everything they could, when in fact all they did was dance around the issue.

Source : Gebinews

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