Nicolas Cage's going to save the pig? Is it a bad movie to pay off debt again? When can it be paid off...

Nicholas Cage to save the pig? Isn't his debt over yet? Nicholas M. A preview of Cage's new film, Operation Pig

Hollywood Video Nicholas B. Cage, Alex. Wolfe starred in the new film (Pig, translated temporarily). Released in the U.S. on July 16, 2021,directed by Michael Sarnoski, Michael co-directs the script with Vanessa Block.

The film tells the story of a truffle hunter (Cage) living alone in the wilds of Oregon. When his beloved foraging pig was kidnapped, he had to go to Portland and save the pig with his abandoned past.

Can a famous Hollywood star still be poor enough to be in debt? Nicolas Cage was really rich in the past, and his fortune was impressive enough. But he used most of his money to invest in real estate. As a result, because of a subprime crisis, U.S. house prices plummeted, Cage a bloodless, become a debt burden. The IRS alone owes him more than $10 million in debt. It seems that overnight, Cage fell from heaven to hell. He started frantically picking up pieces, whether of quality or not, as long as the pay was good enough.

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