The Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association prohibits members from receiving gifts to reform the Golden Globe Awards

(AFP report from Los Angeles, 16th) The professional ethics of the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association, which hosted the Golden Globes, has caused controversy, resulting in the cancellation of the broadcast of the awards ceremony next year. The organization today announced that members are prohibited from receiving luxurious gifts and travel from movie studios and TV stations. And other freebies.

After the professional ethics and lack of diversity of members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) sparked heated debate, members of the organization agreed to a series of reforms.

The Foreign Journalists Association of Hollywood stated in a statement that under the new policy on conflicts of interest, members of the association "must not accept promotional materials or other gifts from film producers, publicists, actors, directors, or other people related to movies and TV shows."

The negotiable actions of the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association triggered a backlash in the film industry. In May, the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) announced that it would not broadcast the Golden Globe Awards ceremony to be held in January 2022. Members of the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association have also been accused of making racial and sexist remarks against movie and television celebrities on publicity occasions.

Tom Cruise has returned three Golden Globe trophies in his career to the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association. Netflix, film and television distributor "Amazon Studios" (Amazon Studios) and entertainment group "WarnerMedia" (WarnerMedia) have also returned Said that unless the Hollywood Foreign Journalists Association makes far-reaching changes, it refuses to cooperate.

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