Who do you want to see lifting the Copa America tonight(Brazil v. Argentina)

To start with an old saying, Brazil is still the same Brazil, and Argentina is no longer the same. The two teams in Brazil and Argentina represent the highest level of South American football. Brazil has a large number of talents. 

New stars and rookies are poached by the five major leagues every year. In Argentina football, except for the old Messi, the young Martinez can’t achieve that. Before watching Argentine football, there is no such thing as a star. Now Argentina has nothing worthy of nostalgia. The offense is not good, the defense is not good, and it is gradually reduced to mediocrity, which may be similar to the level of the head coach.

The collision between Brazil and Argentina football can be described as brilliant as Mars hitting the earth before, but now the editor of the Argentine game feels useless, dull and not passionate. Aside from talking about the Copa America, Argentina has 3 wins and 3 draws in the South American qualifiers. In fact, it is gradually going downhill. 
Messi Vs Neymar
(Image credit: Thiago Ribeiro/NurPhoto via Getty Images / Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images)

Messi is 35 years old and it is difficult to face the challenge of Neymar at the highest level; the Brazilian team, this Copa America was also held in Brazil. With the advantage of the home court, it entered the final with almost no obstacles. Argentina led by Messi is hardly a threat to Brazil. However, the two sides have a long history of playing against Brazil. The final can inspire the fighting spirit of Argentina.

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