Australia's top 5 universities with the best career prospects for business administration!

Business administration is undoubtedly one of the most popular majors on the market with the best job prospects. As an economic power in the world today, Australia has some domestic universities that are world-renowned for business administration. Therefore, it has attracted many people at home and abroad who love the business management profession, and strive to learn beforehand. To this end, today the editor has compiled relevant information about the 5 universities in Australia with the best employment prospects for business administration majors.

1. Australian National University

The Australian National University MBA program was established in 1994 and is mainly for students who are seeking leadership positions in business or government. This major includes 10 core courses and 6 elective courses, requiring a total of 96 credits. Students can choose courses of interest for electives in finance, leadership, marketing, project management, and government business. The core course of the Australian National University's MBA major gives students the opportunity to formulate company operating plans, thereby improving their ability to solve practical business and management problems.

Teaching settings:

Courses include: Organizational Behavior, Business Economics, Marketing Concepts and Practice, Business Reporting and Analysis, Management of Government Finance, Ethics and Public Policy, Management of Government Finance, etc.

Through the study of the Master of Business Administration of the Australian National University, graduates can engage in financial management, auditing, investment analysis, marketing, and business in the fields or departments of finance, trade, securities, insurance, stocks, information and communications, media, government agencies, etc. Operations management and leadership.

2. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne MBA is academically rigorous and has many choices. The MBA program of the University of Melbourne is designed to improve students' career development prospects and help students build personal leadership skills. The professional MBA program at the University of Melbourne has had a huge impact on students' careers. Through the personal guidance of world-class researchers, the MBA students of the University of Melbourne will challenge and extend their abilities and stimulate their potential.


Core courses: data analysis, financial reporting and analysis, personnel management, economic managers, personal efficiency, entrepreneurial mentality, finance, marketing management, process and operation management, corporate financial management, global business economics, etc.

Employment prospects:

After graduation, qualified graduates can work in the following industries, management consultants, business managers, product managers, project managers, business development managers, marketers, marketing managers, CEOs, general managers, team leaders, innovation management, etc.

Salary (Australia): 93888 Australian dollars/year

3. University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia MBA program is for students who already have their first degree and want to improve their leadership and strategic management skills. The training goal of the Master of Business Administration at the University of Western Australia is to expose students to all areas of management functions and provide them with relevant skills and conceptual frameworks. In the future work, students can continue to consolidate and improve these abilities as management experience increases. After graduation, students can engage in professions such as business professionals, senior managers, production line managers, government consultants, and small business owners. The School of Business will regularly hold information exchange meetings in the evening to provide students with opportunities to learn more about the University of Western Australia's MBA program.

Professional Courses:

Core courses: accounting, business consulting projects (part 1) (data-driven decision-making), business consulting projects (part 2) (strategic management), business consulting projects (part 3), economic management and strategy, management finance, marketing Marketing principles, operation management, organizational behavior, etc.

Elective courses: leadership, global leading cooperation, organizational change and transformation, becoming a leader: leadership development prospects, resource direction, global energy and mineral markets, strategic management of resource companies, resource company valuation and risk analysis, management direction , Mergers and acquisitions, negotiation behavior, project management, etc.

Employment prospects:

After graduation, qualified graduates can work in the following industries: management consulting, business manager, product manager, project manager, business development manager, marketing staff, marketing manager, chief executive officer, general manager, team leadership, innovation management

Salary: 93888 Australian dollars/year

4. University of Canberra

The highly valued MBA program of the University of Canberra is offered jointly with the Australian National Business School. It provides practical managers and professionals with a way to enter an internationally recognized MBA program that is conducive to career advancement. The design goal of this major is to improve students' ability in core management fields such as accounting and finance, marketing, human management, economics, data analysis, and understanding of the international business environment, as well as focus on ethics and strategic decision-making. This major also provides students with the opportunity to study elective units in the field of interest.

Employment direction:

After graduation, students of this major can engage in business professionals, senior managers, production line managers, government consultants, small business owners and other occupations.

5. University of Technology Sydney

The MBA of the University of Technology Sydney is different from career orientation and open curriculum design. All MBA courses are accredited by the Industrial Administration, and adhere to the principle of "workplace-related" as an outstanding course design. The MBA program can provide the knowledge and skills essential to senior management performance.

course structure:

Compulsory courses: business communication research, management and organization, management decision accounting, management economics, people and work management, financial management, sales management, strategic management, etc.

Electives: Accounting Information System, Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Business Law, Technology Management, Finance, Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing, Professional Accounting.

Employment direction:

Graduates should master high-level planning, analysis and interpersonal skills. These skills enable them to successfully manage a corporate sector or their own business. The content of the course is formulated on the basis of actual corporate planning, so that graduates can easily carry out practical work. The course also provides an opportunity to build a global network of relationships.

6 Australian universities with the best career prospects in business administration, recommended to you who are studying business administration

Employment prospects for Australian business administration majors

The professional knowledge learned by the undergraduate of business administration can be roughly divided into four areas: one is marketing, the other is human resource management, the third is financial management, and the fourth is production management. We start from these four aspects. Although the scope of employment of the business administration major is relatively broad, it is mainly concentrated in marketing posts, logistics management posts, general traditional management posts, and human resource management posts.

The business management major relies on advanced teaching facilities, scientific teaching methods, complete teaching links, and extensive social practice to comprehensively improve students' political and professional qualities, and cultivate a solid theoretical foundation, strong adaptability, and outstanding practical skills for modern business enterprises. Of senior integrated management talents.

employment position:

Business administration graduates are suitable for work in the fields of national and local economic management departments, industry management departments, large and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises, operation and management of foreign-related companies, finance, and commercial enterprises.

1. National, provincial and municipal comprehensive economic management departments or industry management departments

2. Domestic-funded enterprises dominated by large and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises

3. Foreign-funded or foreign-related industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as intermediary enterprises such as internationally renowned accounting firms and other types of consulting services

4. Various financial institutions such as banks and securities companies.


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