Messi officially leaves FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi (Lionel Messi) Barcelona's withdrawal shocked the football world. Here is how the Italian media reacted to the news.

It's like a bolt from the blue. Even if his contract expires on March 30th, everyone hopes that Leo Messi can extend his stay in Barcelona.
There seems to be an agreement between the two parties, but the La Liga giants announced on Wednesday night that their legendary No. 10 player will no longer play at the Nou Camp next season.

The club statement read: "Although the club and the players have reached an agreement and they clearly intend to sign a new contract today, this is unlikely to happen due to financial and structural obstacles."

Messi officially leaves FC Barcelona

Messi’s departure from Barcelona is not the main news in Italian sports newspapers, because a few hours ago, Valentino Rossi announced his withdrawal from the game.

However, it clearly appeared on the front page of every sports newspaper, and the news also appeared in political newspapers La Repubblica and La Stampa.

"Messi is leaving" is the headline on the front page of Gazzetta dello Sport. "The contract renewal with Barcelona was blocked by La Liga," explained the pink paper.

Il Corriere dello Sport wrote: “Leo shocked Barcelona by renewing the contract,” while Tuttosport and Repubblica stated that PSG is now in a leading position and can ensure his service.

Everything went well in his personal and professional career." The 34-year-old Argentine’s contract with Barcelona expired on June 30. Messi made his debut as a Barcelona first team player in 2004 and has since played for the red and blue Barcelona. 

Together with the club, the Argentine won the Spanish League title ten times, the Copa del Rey seven times, and the European Champions Cup four times.

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