Musk: I used a T-shirt to fool our Autopilot system

During the "AI Day" live broadcast, Tesla CEO Elon Musk vigorously touted his company's artificial intelligence technology.

Not long before the AI ​​Day was held, Tesla's autopilot and autopilot systems were facing increasingly stringent scrutiny. On Monday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it will investigate 11 accidents related to Tesla's autonomous driving.

After Tesla engineers and managers gave a detailed introduction, an event participant asked Musk whether he was worried that the lack of 3D sensors in the vehicle would "cause adversarial attacks."

Musk replied, "We have hardly seen such a situation," and then jokingly talked about how he himself used a T-shirt with a stop sign to trick the autopilot system.

Musk said: "Actually I have a T-shirt with a stop sign. If you show this T-shirt in front of the car, the car will stop by itself...I tried it." The underground roared with laughter.

Musk continued: "Obviously, if we see these confrontational attacks, then we retrain the cars to let them know what a real person wearing a T-shirt with a stop sign is like, this person may not be a real stop sign. "

In July of this year, a wildly spread tweet showed that a Tesla car repeatedly misidentified the moon as a yellow traffic light when it was driving on the highway.

This driver is on Twitter It reads: "Hey @elonmusk, you might want your team to study why the moon can also deceive the autopilot system. The car thinks the moon is a yellow traffic light and wants to slow down all the time."

Source : Sina

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