BALEN (BALENDRA SHAH) new rising hope elected for Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Independent candidate Sah has been elected as the mayor of Kathmandu metropolis with 61 thousand 767 votes.

Sirjana Singh of the Nepali Congress, Sah's closest challenger, received 38,341 votes. Keshav Sthapit, a CPN-UML candidate, received 38,117 votes.

This is the final vote count for Kathmandu Metro. Election Commission will officially provide certificate to Balen Shah tomorrow morning.
1. Balendra Shah- 61767
2. Srijana Shrestha- 38341
3. Keshav Sthapit- 38117
4. Suman Sayami- 13770
5. Madan Das Shrestha- 5770

Source : MRR/Ellex Design

Who is Balen ?

Balen, 31, is a professional engineer. As a rapper, he is also well-liked by the younger generation.

Dr. Sah is an Ayurvedic physician who was born in Gaurigaun, Kathmandu. Ram Narayan Sah and Dhruvadevi Sah are his parents. He graduated from the White House Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and a master's degree in structural engineering from the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology in Karnataka, India.

He became involved in rescue and relief work after the great earthquake in 2072 BS, and he also developed the image of a social worker.

Few had predicted Sah's triumph, a professional rapper and poet-writer who is popular among the younger generation. However, he was elected as the mayor of Kathmandu city, defying the conventional political parties.

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