Doctor Strange 2: The Runaway Multiverse movie review: Two wizards face off against each other

"Doctor Strange" Stephen Strange is a hero known for his magical abilities, and " Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse" (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) ) is not only his sequel movie, but another "Scarlet Witch" Wanda who has magical skills, but also has the weight of a heroine in this film. Let the viewing of the film to have a superior standard.

The background of the story is that when the actor Stephen attended the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Christine, he accidentally witnessed monsters raging on the streets of New York, and chased and killed a woman, Amelica. future is closely related. So, Stephen turned to Wanda, a former comrade-in-arms with the same powerful mana, for help, and planned to work together. How could Wanda turn his face and become his enemy now? The result of the confrontation between the two would also affect the safety of the world.

The meaning of the opening scene is somewhat suspenseful

The first act of the movie focuses on a battle scene. The environment contains many floating objects and the color is purple, which is enough to render the mysterious atmosphere of being in an unknown space. The scene also includes the plot of monsters chaotic and Doctor Strange confrontation, so that elements such as force and magic can be effectively exerted. The direction of the battle also includes a major turning point, which can make the meaning of this scene more suspenseful. It may be the use of flashbacks, it may be a precognition dream, or it may be a multiverse event. When the answer is revealed in the future, this scene is laid out. The value is also reasonably reflected.

The later drama belongs to the more life-like wedding content. The role of this drama is of course the beauty before the disaster, but it also has other meanings. For example, the confrontation between Stephen and his ex-daughter, Chris Nail, can become a profile of the character, making Stephen's character more full; on the other hand, this scene is enough to set the tone of the fate of the two and let the film get rid of the romantic comedy color.

Wanda's Selfishness Triggers New Civil War

Stephen sought help from Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, and the film's characterization has a good dramatic effect, making the mastery of information a key aspect, creating the effect of changing the situation in the conversation, and flipping Wanda's position in the film overnight. Regarding the Wanda scene, the film makes full use of the setting of the series "Wanda Vision" (WandaVision), so that the experience of losing her twin sons becomes the basis of her motivation in this film, so that her decision to confront Stephen will not be abrupt. ; Wanda's motives are selfish, and it also makes this film different from the concept battle of "Captain America: Civil War".

Wanda and many magicians headed by Stephen went to war in an all-round way, which was a small climax of "Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse". Many magicians formed a formation and constructed protective shields through mana, while Wanda managed to break through the defense alone. They form a high-intensity confrontation between the spear and the shield. Breaking through the deadlock in the future will allow Wanda's unique stunt to be properly used, and further allow her magic to show destructive power, with a visual effect no less than a bomb blast. Stephen cast a spell and tried to block it, while visually showing the texture of special effects, creating an atmosphere in which the illusion trapped the opponent; Wanda's response to this also showed reasonable creativity, making the confrontation between the two quite powerful.

The plot after that was once divided into two story lines. As far as the adventures of Stephen and America are concerned, the story line can show the plasticity brought by the multiverse. After entering different universes, even the change of traffic lights, All can be a source of entertainment, creating highlights through small details. The appearance of the magician Mordo and his reunion with Stephen have become an important foreshadowing. In Stephen's world, he and Mordo have long since fallen out. Now in this universe, the relationship between the two has also become a plastic aspect, which is ultimately mysterious. The foundation was laid for the appearance of the organization "Illuminati".

The Illuminati debut members are full of weight

The composition of the members of the Illuminati is quite legendary. Some roles are equivalent to the heroes familiar to the audience and replaced by colleagues, and some roles are drawn from the Marvel series "Infinite Possibilities: What If...?" "(What If...?), and some characters have received strong returns for Disney's investment in the acquisition of 20th Century Fox. The high weight of the character setting brings a sense of surprise to the gradual appearance of the members of the organization. Perhaps the intensity and emotion of the atmosphere cannot be compared with the three generations of Spider-Man in the same room, but it can already show the sincerity of the story arrangement.

As far as Wang Da's story line is concerned, the film depicts her deep feelings of longing to find her child through the elements of the multiverse, and through the aspect of mother's love, it shows that although the character has gone astray, the bright side still exists, which makes Wang Da. There is still room for improvement in the positioning of Da. In addition to the turning point in her play with the supporting role Lao Wang, it also further deepens the particularity of the role of the Scarlet Witch, extending new elements that have not appeared before, adding some new ideas to the role of Wanda.

The story lines of Stephen and Wanda will eventually merge into one, creating a battle with a final climax. Some of the scenes gave Wanda and members of the Illuminati a chance to confront each other head-to-head. In the process, the members of the organization showed their abilities, and they also became stepping stones to highlight Wanda's strength. In addition to the fierce confrontation, Wanda's strength was shown. Some of the scenes are biased towards you chasing me, and let Wanda and Doctor Strange stage a chase battle, whether it is magic of fantasy attributes or ordinary things watches, all have the opportunity to express and show certain creativity.

Some of the scenes make use of the multiverse setting, so that Stephen has to fight against himself in different worlds in addition to dealing with Wanda. In the process, the musical elements become the focus, making the battle scenes interesting. The confrontation between Stephen and Wanda is certainly a top-level duel in magic, but the confrontation process does not necessarily have to be on the front line, and it also includes the use of skills to make "substitutes fight" to create features for the battle. Pharaoh, Christine, and Amelica, who belong to the supporting roles, all get the opportunity to perform in line with their identities, creating variables or adding color to the war.

The ending does not focus on victory or defeat is Wanda's choice

As far as the final result is concerned, the interpretation of "Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse" can be regarded as unconventional. The direction of the story is not limited to who wins and who loses, but makes Wanda's personal emotional impact a key stroke. Her motives for chaos and her current choices are also well echoed, allowing the story to have a more positive ending and create a certain emotional tension.

Marvel movies have tried multiverse elements in "Spider-Man: Homeless Day" before, and "Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse" has also given it a good play and shows different characteristics. The focus of the story also includes the magical battle between the two legendary heroes of Stephen and Wanda. The confrontation between the enemy and the enemy is full of strength, and the overall entertainment is better than the previous work. 

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